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When is the Perfect Time to Buy Snowmobile Insurance?

Seasonal preferences can be a funny thing. For some folks, there isn’t anything better than a bright, sunny summer day spent lounging on the beach. For others, however, we’re already craving that first packed layer of snow that will allow us to tug the snowmobile out of storage.

If you plan on keeping your snowmobile only on your own private property in Ontario, you’re not required to have snowmobile insurance. But if you plan on ripping around on public trails, you’re going to need some recreational insurance coverage.

Now, you might well be reading this and glancing out the window at green leaves, wondering “Do I really need to worry about snowmobile insurance right now? Or is it smarter to find the right coverage now instead of waiting a few more months?” Today, we’re going to answer those questions.

Do You Need Snowmobile Insurance in Summer or Fall?

You’ll likely be surprised to hear it, but snowmobile insurance will help you out throughout every season, not just winter. If you picture your snowmobile getting dented or scratched, it’s likely due to an errant branch while you’re out on the trail. But what happens when you open up your garage to discover that the roof has caved in overnight and your snowmobile has gotten badly damaged?

Year-round snowmobile insurance protects your ride even while it’s in storage, so if there’s a flood in the summer or an autumn fire, your snowmobile will still be able to be repaired and ready for the trails in the winter without unnecessary cost out of your pocket.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Buy Insurance Early?

Looking for snowmobile insurance earlier in the year doesn’t just maximize your chances of finding coverage you’re pleased with. It also gives you more time to apply for any discounts that your recreational insurance company might offer. For example, some companies will offer a discount or reduction on your insurance premium if you demonstrate that you’ve taken a safe riding class. The earlier you start looking, the better the odds that you’ll find a great plan at the best possible price.

Finding the Right Snowmobile Insurance

When you work with Will Marshall Insurance, we don’t make you pay more to play more. We can compare all available snowmobile insurance policies in Ontario to find one that covers exactly what you need at a cheaper rate than you might expect.

Snowmobile insurance companies offer many different types of policies to fit all customers’ needs. Before purchasing a policy, be sure to take time to discuss the specific types of coverages with your insurance broker. Each insurer will vary regarding what they offer, so you will want to make sure that you are fully aware of what is covered and what is not covered. By taking the time to ask questions, you will be sure to choose a policy that will provide the protection you need for your family’s recreational activities.

Don’t see a snowmobile insurance policy you love? No problem – we help you design coverage tailored to your needs. You can get a free insurance quote by contacting us, and one of our insurance brokers will give you a personalized quote. Let us know if you like our estimation, and we’ll see what we can do to improve it.

To learn more about recreational or snowmobile insurance from Will Marshall Insurance Brokers, give us a call at 705-726-2551. You can also contact us online.

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