25 May 2020

Why Commercial Insurance Is The Best Friend Of Home Businesses

Working from home isn’t a new trend. Around 10% of the Canadian workforce operates from home, although that number has risen to close to 40% in the first few months of 2020. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners may decide to keep their company home-based for several different reasons. For those with families, working from […]

21 April 2020

Your Introductory Guide to Crop Insurance

Ontario is one of Canada’s largest producers of cash crops. This is a testament to the ability of our farmers, but it also presents a risk. If weather, pests, or some other unforeseen accident destroys your crop, where will you be left? Will you have enough to keep the farm running? Farming insurance exists to […]

20 March 2020

Car Insurance Fraud: What It Is and How it Affects You

Accidents happen. But sometimes, they really didn’t have to. Sometimes, a rear-ending traffic stop was carefully orchestrated.  Car insurance fraud costs Canadian taxpayers over $1.6 billion every year. Every incident makes premiums shoot up, and the level of coordination that goes into staging accidents can leave an otherwise impeccable driver with a stained driving record […]

19 February 2020

Do You Know How to Answer These 3 Insurance Questions?

When you’re applying for insurance, it’s extremely important to answer all questions as honestly as you can. These are the numbers that stand between you and a policy that works exactly the way you want it to. However, many Canadians still don’t know the answer to these three basic questions when they’re applying for home […]

28 January 2020

Policies to Help You Navigate Barrie’s Rough Weather

The first few weeks of January have alternated between negative temperatures and torrential downpours of rain. While those impacted by the storm might already be dialing the number of their house insurance company, the forecast for the next few months looks like more inclement weather will be headed our way. Last year, a late January […]