21 September 2017

Restaurant Liability Insurance – Protect Your Restaurant from Claims

As a restaurant owner, your business is open to the public on a daily basis. Your restaurant may very well be the cleanest and most professional eatery around, but it’s important to remember that accidents can still occur in the most organized of environments. In an effort to keep your business protected, restaurant liability insurance […]

13 September 2017

Fact Vs. Fiction: Don’t Let These Insurance Myths Cloud Your Judgement

Many people brush insurance off as being nothing but a formality, but the reality is much more complicated than that. Insurance coverage can be the difference between getting back on your feet and going bankrupt. It’s important to know the facts when considering insurance. The Insurance Bureau of Canada has put together a fact sheet […]

30 August 2017

Is Your Business Protected When Legal Trouble Occurs?

Running a business is no small feat; the amount of considerations, the equipment needed and the resources required to hire employees can cost a pretty penny, and leave many confused as to where to start. What some people gloss over when starting their business is the insurance options available to your business, and whether you […]

06 August 2017

Summer Is Underway: Make Sure Your Boat Is Protected!

Boating season is well underway in Central Ontario and Will Marshall Insurance Brokers wants you to stay safe and protected on the waters this summer. Pleasure craft insurance is not required by law in Canada but there are many reasons you should be protecting your boat, especially in the busy waters around our region. Central […]