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Stay Safe This Snowmobiling Season

In our last post we discussed the end of boating season in cottage country for another year; a tough time of year for many across central, northern and southern Ontario. That said, the end of boating season signifies that a new season is upcoming; snowmobiling season!

For those who are unfamiliar with the popularity of snowmobiling here are some statistics:

  • There are 610,000 registered snowmobiles across Canada.
  • Across the country there is 121,297 kms (and counting) of organized snowmobile trails.
  • Each year over 250,000 trail permits and passes are sold across the country.

To the surprise of few, snowmobiling is a pretty big deal not just in cottage country, but across our country. This coming season, Will Marshall wants to remind those that snowmobile to stay safe with some of these helpful safety tips:

  • Check the forecast and trail conditions. Whiteout conditions and trails that are pure ice are generally much riskier. Know the conditions and consider rescheduling if the weather and conditions are sub-par.
  • Inspect your snowmobile before every ride. Having something go wrong in the middle of the cottage country wilderness is never good, and becomes a health risk during the cold winter months. This will also help you keep your snowmobile in top shape to reduce the risk of needing major work.
  • Don’t go alone. Having someone to ride with is not only generally enjoyable but can be helpful in the event of a breakdown or accident.
  • Notify others of your route and timing. Making sure people know where they can find you if things go wrong can literally be a life saver. Also keep in mind that in some remote areas mobile phones will not work.
  • Wear the appropriate gear. Make sure your jacket and snow pants are layered if needed, and that they are dried before hitting the trails. Don’t even think about going on the sled without a DOT-approved helmet. Make sure your helmet fits properly!

Following some key tips can result in a safer and more enjoyable sledding season for all. While snowmobiling season may be some time away still, it is important to always keep these critical points in mind if you own or plan to ride on a snowmobile this coming winter season.

If you have a snowmobile and are wondering about insurance, Will Marshall Insurance Brokers have years of experience protecting snowmobilers and their machines across our region. No matter the make or model, we can help. Talk to us today to learn more.

Happy snowmobiling!

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