15 April 2019

Make Sure Your Boating Season Is Safe & Free from Unwanted Surprises

With spring being well under way, many boaters across our region will be starting to get their boats ready for the 2019 boating season! While seasoned boaters may know the ropes off the back of their hand, many new boaters will also be hitting the water for the first time this year. The brokers at […]

28 October 2018

Stay Safe This Snowmobiling Season

In our last post we discussed the end of boating season in cottage country for another year; a tough time of year for many across central, northern and southern Ontario. That said, the end of boating season signifies that a new season is upcoming; snowmobiling season! For those who are unfamiliar with the popularity of […]

28 September 2018

Make Sure You Store Your Boat, Kayak and Canoe Properly With These Tips

With the temperature taking a sudden plunge in cottage country, many cottagers have been forced to face the unfortunate reality; boating season is over. But worry not! Storing your boat properly is one of the most important factors to ensuring that your boat is first to hit the lakes next season. Different boats have different […]

01 August 2018

Insurance for Your Recreational Vehicles & Toys

Summer is an extremely popular time for recreational vehicles such as ATVs, boats, PWCs, motorcycles and dirt bikes. Many people will also soon be starting to look at winter toys such as snowmobiles. If you’re interested in picking up a new toy for the summer, fall or winter you may want to consider whether you […]

06 June 2018

Insurance Required for a Canoe or Kayak? Find Out Here

Summer is around the corner and that means all the water toys are soon to come out, or in some cases have already with this amazing heat we are fortunate enough to be getting! While you may not have a large motor boat that you own, if your summer plans include morning kayaks around the […]