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Insurance Required for a Canoe or Kayak? Find Out Here

Summer is around the corner and that means all the water toys are soon to come out, or in some cases have already with this amazing heat we are fortunate enough to be getting! While you may not have a large motorboat that you own, if your summer plans include morning kayaks around the lake or canoe trips up north, you may want to consider whether or not you require insurance.

You may be thinking “why do I need to speak to an insurance broker regarding my canoe/kayak?” We don’t blame you, as often these are left uninsured because they are built to float, right? Yes but in some cases, they can still sink as well.

Sure, it may not occur regularly but sinking does happen so why take the risk? Aside from the potential for these boats to sink in wavy waters or high water levels, your canoe or kayak could also be at risk of being stolen from your property. If you don’t have a trailer, you likely have a rack on the top of your vehicle to transport these water vessels. If you leave your dock for the afternoon where your canoe/kayak is tied up, who’s to say that someone couldn’t come along and take it while you’re gone? Of course, this isn’t something that commonly occurs but as mentioned, there are always circumstances in which the unheard-of happens. It’s really up to you as the owner, to determine whether or not your canoe or kayak is worth insuring.


What Do You Need to Discuss with Your Insurance Broker?

  • In some cases, insurance brokers will notify you that if your kayak or canoe is worth $1,500 or less, it’s generally covered in your homeowners’ policy. Most policies will cover your kayak or canoe anywhere, except at an alternative home such as your cottage (you are required to include it in your insurance for your cottage/second home).
    • Kayaks that you purchase from sporting goods stores generally also fall into this sporting goods stores fall into this classification.


  • If your canoe or kayak is worth over $1,500, you may want to ask your insurance broker about special limits of insurance. This is insurance coverage similar to what’s available for valuable jewelry. Items like this are typically placed on what is called a “floater,” and that coverage is available to you anywhere in the world.
    • Speak to your broker about the cost of your kayak or canoe and what coverage you have in your current homeowners’ policy. You’ll also want to address whether or not there is coverage available when you store these water vessels away for the winter months. Kayaks that are built with specialized additions or accessories may fall into this particular category.
    • As a general rule, we usually recommend insuring your home and cottage together to prevent any discrepancies.


  • If a family member or friend wants to use your kayak or canoe for the weekend, do you have the proper liability insurance in place? When someone else borrows your watercraft, they may very well turn to you for insurance coverage if they get hurt while using your canoe or kayak.
    • Be sure to speak about liability policies with your insurance broker and see what is covered and for how much. Your broker may even be able to assist in locating boating classes near you that you and your family members can take for additional safety and knowledge.


  • If you have multiple kayaks or canoes, it is in your best interest to analyze what the combined value is. Take into consideration the difference between insuring the worth of the watercraft and how much you’d be paying out of your pocket to replace it.
    • Remember to include the value of the paddles, life jackets, and any other equipment that goes hand in hand with your boat(s). This is particularly crucial if you have had a unique custom skirt made for the kayak or you have special paddles for the kayak or canoe.


If you own a kayak or canoe, it may be the best time to get in touch with your insurance broker. You can speak to Will Marshall about all of your recreational insurance needs for the summer season. Remember that you are responsible for the safety of your kayak or canoe, and those around you while using it.  Be sure you are covered in all areas!

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