Would You Be At Fault in These 3 Parking Lot Accidents?

two cars that appear to have been in an accident

We all navigate the rules of the road every day, and we’ve driven so often that it might seem like second nature most of the time. No left turn on red, no passing in the right lane, no speeding above the posted speed limit – these are rules that most folks have memorized and ingrained […]

4 Insurance Secrets You Never Knew: Insider Tips from Our Brokers

Business man doing up his jacket

When you do what we do for as long as we’ve done it (which is over thirty years), it’s easy to forget that our clients don’t already know all the tips and tricks that have become second nature to us. Insurance is a world that’s heavy in legal jargon and fine print. It can be […]

Car Insurance Fraud: What It Is and How it Affects You

A hand on a car steering wheel

Accidents happen. But sometimes, they really didn’t have to. Sometimes, a rear-ending traffic stop was carefully orchestrated. Car insurance fraud costs Canadian taxpayers over $1.6 billion every year. Every incident makes premiums shoot up, and the level of coordination that goes into staging accidents can leave an otherwise impeccable driver with a stained driving record […]