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a woman with her two dogs and a cat

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pet Damage?

For many families across Canada, a dog or a cat (or both!) are usually present in the home, and with good reason. There are a ton of reasons to own a pet, ranging from lowered blood pressure to a stronger immune system and a decreased risk of heart disease. However,

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a holiday themed warm beverage surrounded by pine cones, cranberries and a garland

How to Avoid Commercial Crises This Holiday Season

For many businesses throughout Simcoe County, Christmas is the time of year that brings a one-two punch. It’s when both spirits and sales rise, but it’s also when day-to-day operations get busier than ever. This can lead to additional stress, unforeseen time constraints, and end-of-the-year tasks being done poorly or

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How to Have the Best Winter Snowmobile Ride Ever

There’s nothing quite like sailing over the snow in your snowmobile, feeling the sting of the cold air and the exhilaration of the ride. It’s one of the highlights of your winter, and every time you set out for a ride, you savour every second of it. You might not

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a man working on his laptop and holding his cell phone

Freelancers, It’s True: You Need Insurance

Freelancing is a field that has only continued to grow, especially in Canada. As of 2018, 2.9 million Canadians reported that they were self-employed, accounting for 15% of the entire national workforce. For individuals who prize flexibility, freedom, and the opportunity to be their own boss, freelancing is a career

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