YBC Territory 3 Hospice Curling Bonspeil

Colin Marshall’s Ontario Broker Magazine Article:

YBC once again “hurried hard” for Hospice at the Second Annual YBC Territory 3 curling bonspiel. This year we surpassed ourselves, having filled the rink with 48 teams (112 curlers). Special thanks to: Dominion, Service Master Midland, Paul Davis Systems Simcoe and all others that donated prizes and put in teams with over $3000 being raised for Hospice.

Not only did the YBC provide Hospice Simcoe with financial support, but we also gave the representatives an opportunity to promote and educate participants on their services. Hospice Simcoe comforts and empowers those living with life-threatening illness and bereavement. Many spiel participants do not work in the insurance industry but come to support the Hospice cause. Within the last year, I have had family members and friends use the services provided by Hospice.

I have been told that you only get out of the IBAO what you put into it. To prepare for the bonspiel, the YBC Territory 3 team met about every two months throughout the year to work out details and organize the event. As a result, our territory team received exposure on CTV, Snap Barrie magazine, and gained recognition within the local insurance community. I encourage young brokers reading this article to get involved with their local team leader. Managers and principals reading this article; should encourage your young brokers to contribute to the YBC as they grow as professionals.

Much of the success of this event can be attributed to the support I received from my YBC team members. Team members started to arrive as early as 7:30a.m., eager to get curlers registered and help get them started and the curling underway. My principal broker (and father) also had experience running a bonspiel and provided great guidance. I am thankful for all the help I have received both this year and last as many people have commented on how well the event is organized.

In addition to the smooth organization, the bonspiel would not be possible each year without the generous support from insurance companies. When these supporters confirm to bringing items for the prize table at the spiel, I never know what the prize table will really look like until the day of the event. Both years we have had a phenomenal table and my blind trust in their support has been well placed. I know that our territory team enjoys watching the excitement over the prize tables but much more, take great pride in what our event has accomplished for Hospice Simcoe.

The next Young Brokers Conference will be held from June 6th-June 8th in Niagara Falls. I strongly encourage young brokers across Ontario to talk to their principals and request permission to attend. The conference is a great way to meet YBCers from all over the province and develop a new professional network. The YBC has gone to tremendous efforts to ensure that our Niagara Falls event is both educational and fun. I have made lifelong friends through the YBC and come away with new ideas from the conference to bring back to my office. IBAO’s theme is to “Be a broker, get involved” and the more your office is able to contribute, the greater return on investment we will all receive. Young people do care about their communities and it is important we take every opportunity to show it.

Photos courtesy of Gina Sparrow of SNAP Barrie Newspaper

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