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What Takes Place When I Make an Insurance Claim?

Nobody wants to be faced with having to make a claim on their insurance, but of course, it’s a reality we all face, and as insurance brokers it’s our job to provide you with the best possible policies so that you are effectively prepared and covered when the time comes.

So, it’s time to submit a claim, but do you know what to do? Having an insurance provider you can rely on and trust is extremely important. Whether you’ve been offered insurance quotes online or in person, the type of coverage and the responsiveness of the provider is a crucial aspect to take into consideration. At Will Marshall, we make it easy to submit a claim, and we provide 24-hour emergency service for additional convenience; after all, you can’t predict when an accident might take place. Depending on your specific location, we also provide a list of affiliated insurance providers outside of the Orillia and Barrie area, along with their contact information.

Regardless of the type of claim, there are a few things you should do prior to contacting your insurance broker or insurance company to make life easier:

  • Evaluate the damage as effectively as you can. If you have a camera on hand on your cell phone, snap a few photos/videos of the damaged areas that you will be claiming for. This will assist with justifying your claim and documenting your loss.
  • Take an inventory of your losses. Make a list of anything that appears to be damaged or is missing. This will be something your insurance provider will request from you as its necessary information to consider in the claims process. Having it prepared ahead of time will save you the hassle of having to scramble last minute. In doing so right away, you don’t run the risk of forgetting anything along the way.
  • Stay away from doing any repairs, unless they are necessary for preventing further damage from occurring, or if necessary for safety/security purposes. Always try and keep things the way they are, but if it’s clear further damage is being done as a result of the disaster at hand, it’s best to try and mitigate the damages as much as possible. Obviously, your safety and security come first, so if this means doing a slight temporary repair then go ahead. From there, your insurance provider will direct you to the next steps you should carry out and how they will assist with the damages.

What Information Will They Request?

You will be asked what took place, when it occurred, and what actions you’ve completed thus far in the attempt to fix the issue(s). Be prepared to discuss the circumstances and the loss of detail.

Are there any other details I’ll need to provide?

As the claims process goes on, any receipts, warranties, manuals, photos or valuation certificates of the damaged belongings, may be requested by your insurance provider. Any critical paperwork for your highly valuable items should be stored in a secure and safe area. In doing so, you can feel confident in knowing you have proof of value when making a claim. Expensive items may include anything from jewelry, paintings, watches, collectibles, specialized equipment and other high-value items.

On the other hand, if you are claiming for something that pertains to the repair of your Barrie or Orillia home, vehicle, etc., it is pretty standard for insurance providers to ask for two estimates (unless they use their own contractors) so that they can be compared. Most insurance providers will also supply you with approved businesses to contact for quotes on the repair.

Will Marshall Insurance Brokers will work with you throughout the entire claims process, ensuring you are informed and treated like family! If you are in the Barrie or Orillia area seeking advice, contact us today. We’ll provide you with additional information on submitting an insurance claim, and can discuss with you the particular insurance choices we offer.

Contact us in Barrie, at 705-726-2551 or in Orillia, at 705-326-5664.

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