What Questions to Ask When Buying Car Insurance

Often when it comes to deciding which car insurance you should go with, many people will take an easy route by going with what their family members or friends use. They may also look at going with what they see advertised on television commercials or what they hear on radio ads. Once your vehicle is registered and you are ready to begin looking for car insurance in Barrie and Orillia, it’s best to do research on what is being offered today. Of course, it goes without saying that you’ll want the best deal that also provides the proper coverage you need.

Chances are you’re no expert when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of car insurance, but that’s why we are here! When you’re ready to begin your research by meeting and speaking with car insurance brokers, there are a few questions you should always ask to help you choose a policy that is best fitting to you.

1. What Level of Coverage Should I Have?
In Ontario and every other province and territory in Canada, you must have minimum car insurance coverage at least. An insurance broker at Will Marshall can assist  you in determining what level of coverage will work best for you, based on your past driving history, how often you will drive, etc.


2. What Type of Collision Coverage Do You Provide?
If involved in a car accident, there is a high chance that your car will require repairs. It will not matter if you were at fault or the other driver or drivers. There are of course different collision coverage packages you can inquire about, including specified perils and comprehensive. Feel free to meet with one of our insurance brokers for more details surrounding collision coverage in relation to important factors, such as the year and make of your vehicle. Typically, if your vehicle is newer you’ll get higher coverage, whereas if your vehicle is much older, the coverage will likely be on the lower end.


3. What About Personal Injury Protection?
This is coverage that will pay for any medical bills and expenses to you or your car passengers if you are hit by another vehicle. If you do have a current clean bill of health, you can ask for minimum coverage, but it is smart to inquire about this type of coverage.


4. Am I a High Risk Driver?
Though you may not think you are a high risk driver, the answer to whether or not you are will be based on specific factors, like age, sex, type of employment, where you live and how long you have been driving. Normally first time drivers are likely on the high list, as is anyone who has a criminal record.


5. Is There 24/7 Direct Claims Service?
Regardless if it’s early in the morning or late at night, or on Canada Day, Christmas Day or Easter Sunday, a car accident can happen at any time. You want to make sure that you will be able to speak to an insurance representative at any time. You may get in touch with Will Marshall at any time in regards to your specific policy.


6. What About Tickets?
There are times when you may get some kind of traffic violation ticket, such as speeding. Ask if your insurance rates will increase if you were to get a speeding ticket or other types of traffic tickets.


When you are looking at purchasing car insurance, the team at Will Marshall Insurance Brokers can assist you. We will answer every question you have to ask, we can go over any document and work closely with you to ensure that you get the best car insurance policy that is ideal to your needs and budget. Call us at (705) 726 – 2551 in Barrie or (705) 326 – 5664 in Orillia.

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