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Is Your Vehicle Prepared for Winter?

With sunny skies in the Orillia area, the damp, crisp mornings show that it is no surprise that the cooler temperatures are on their way here. We’ve been lucky enough to have a green October thus far, but while we want to admit it or not the white fluffy stuff will be here before we know it.

With this in mind, we suggest ensuring that your vehicle is up to par for handling winter road conditions, BEFORE the rush. What exactly should you do to equip your vehicle for the winter season ahead?  Here are just a few things to think about:

Get Your Oil Changed

Generally speaking, it’s best to have your oil changed at least twice a year; in both the summer and winter seasons. However, because maintenance demands change depending on the particular vehicle model, it’s best to check your manual for guidance on how often you should have your oil changed.

Get Your Winter Tires On

Putting on winter tires here in Ontario isn’t a legal obligation, but it is a safety precaution we highly recommend it. If you don’t see an immediate need for winter tires, please ensure you’re your all-season tires are studded at the very least. Studded tires will assist you in maintaining a firm grip while driving. Research the various types of tires and check their pressure because it affects how quickly they wear out.

Be Sure You Have the Correct Tools

Cold temperatures call for the right winter accessories including of course, those that help with visibility. It’s imperative that you have a snow-brush and/or snow scraper in your vehicle at all times during the winter months so you can remove any snow/ice buildup.  Why risk your safety and others on the road? In fact, it’s the law to properly remove snow from your car, ensuring your headlights and license plates are snow-free. Failing to do so can cost you anywhere from $100 to $200.

Always check that you have adequate windshield washer fluid available to you as well. Check that your wipers are still in good condition before the snow arrives; faulty wipers can lead to poor visibility which can lead to a collision.

Consider Rust-Proofing to the Body of Your Vehicle

The salt from winter roads can with time, eat away at your vehicle leaving unwanted rust and marks.  Maintenance is key in preventing salt build-up and a good rust-proofing product can be exactly what your car needs to keep protected. Rust-proofing has several benefits even if it can cause damage to your car. Salt while frustrating at times, does limit the number of accidents that occur, providing additional traction for your vehicle. Not only that, it helps you save money on gas!

Be Extra Cautious

Always drive according to the road conditions; if it is visibly wintry or there could be a chance of ice on the roads, reduce your speed to safely adjust. Winter can mean challenging driving and cold weather increases the risk of accidents.

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