Unique Considerations for Cottage Insurance

It’s finally that time of year again… Cottage season! Purchasing insurance for your cottage is quite similar to purchasing it for your Orillia home. In several cases, cottage or seasonal properties are most often included as an add-on to your home insurance policy. Having said that, there are some differences when it comes to ensuring you have the proper insurance coverage for your cottage.

What Differences Can You Expect?

Although cottage insurance is very similar to home insurance, there are some distinct differences that you should keep in mind when looking into insurance for your cottage. Many of these differences are associated with the fact that you don’t occupy your cottage year round (likely). Due to this fact, your cottage property can be more vulnerable to specific perils than your primary residence.

Here are some key differences to expect:

1. Typically burglary is covered for cottages, but theft may not be. What does this mean? If there were to be a break-in – to obtain compensation for the theft of your personal items – you will be asked to prove that there was in fact a break-in. For example if you left your boat tied up to your dock, returned to your home for a few days and come back to see that it’s missing, this may not be covered by your cottage insurance policy. However, at Will Marshall we will work with you to provide the best possible solutions whenever possible, so always verify with one of our insurance brokers.

2. Some structural problems may not be covered. For instance, if the roof of your cottage were to collapse because there was snow accumulation over the winter months, you likely wouldn’t be able to claim the damage cost through your insurance policy. The same goes if the water pipes happen to burst during the winter season. What’s the reason? If nobody is present at your cottage to prevent these potential problems from occurring than you haven’t taken action to reduce the chances of significant damage. Taking action with regular maintenance will significantly reduce the risk of expensive repairs.

3. Cottage insurance policies can sometimes come with a longer list of exclusions than standard home insurance policies. Unfortunately, cottages aren’t covered for damage caused by sewer backup, nor are they insurable for belongings situated outdoors, like fences or outdoor plants, trees and shrubs.

4. Detached structures. Some cottage insurance policies will supply limited coverage for buildings on your cottage property that are stand-alone; these might include garages, sheds or boathouses. You may additionally purchase additional coverage for these structures if you think it’s important.

Be sure to speak to an insurance broker at Will Marshall, if you have any specific questions about insuring your cottage or vacation home. You deserve nothing less than a peaceful, relaxing, summer!

Get in touch with Will Marshall in Orillia and Barrie, to discuss with us your insurance requirements and to learn more about cottage insurance in general. Be sure you are properly protected so you can enjoy your cottage time without unnecessary stress!

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