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Tips For Keeping You Safe On The Winter Roads

Winter is here, and that means snow, ice, and cold temperatures. With these conditions come the winter driving hazards. If you don’t prepare for it properly, your car can get stranded on the side of the road or, worse yet, in a ditch. There are many dangers associated with winter driving, like black ice, which makes it even more important to take every precaution when out on the roads. We’ve put together a list of tips to keep you safe on the winter roads this year.

Good Winter Tires

It is important to have winter tires on your car from November until April in Canada. The average temperature for these months falls between -20 °C and 0 °C. This means that roadways will be icy whenever temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius. Newer models of cars are being manufactured with all-wheel-drive systems, which can help get through slushy conditions; however, they still aren’t as good at driving in cold weather like real winter tires. When buying new tires, you don’t forget about this essential part of your vehicle during wintertime.

Be On The Lookout And Visible

When it comes to wintertime and cars, you need to make sure that you are using snow brushes and scrapers to remove all the snow and ice on your car every time there is a snowfall. If you don’t, it can cause you not to be able to see through your windshields properly, or snow might even fall off of your car and land on another, making it hard for them to see; either way could lead to an accident.

Emergency Kit

Pack an emergency kit in the car, even if it’s just a small one! You want to ensure that you have some winter weather supplies with you should something go wrong. This includes things like jumper cables, a first aid kit, a flashlight and flares for emergencies at night or early morning. Snow shovels are also important because they may need to clear out the snow from around your tires so that you can get back home safely. Don’t risk being stranded by not packing these items before heading out onto the roadways this year. They’ll be able to help keep everyone safe, too, if someone else gets stuck alongside them. The last thing anyone wants is to be stranded in the cold for hours.

Keep Your Windshield Fluid Tank Full

If you haven’t already, now is the time to do it before heading out onto roadways this winter season. It can get very cold outside during these months; therefore, the chances are good that there’ll be ice building up on windows, making visibility quite poor for everyone travelling down highways. Having a full tank windshield fluid will always be prepared when the ice comes.

Get Good Car Insurance

The winter months can be dangerous, but with good car insurance, you can protect yourself. This is especially true if you live somewhere with heavy snowfall or areas where there are ice hazards on the roads throughout the winter months. Having your car insured will help protect against damage to it so that you don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket should something go wrong while driving this winter season. You never know when an accident may happen, but one thing’s for sure – accidents do happen, and they’re often unexpected. It’s always better to be on the side of caution by being prepared ahead of time instead.

Slow Down!

Driving too fast for a given winter weather condition could put you in danger of losing control of your vehicle more easily and making mistakes that could be hazardous to you and others around you.

Winter driving can be a dangerous activity, with the potential for your car to get stranded in a ditch or on the side of the road. Whether you’re an experienced winter driver or new to this type of weather, you must prepare yourself and your vehicle before heading out onto these hazardous roads. The tips we’ve provided today should help make sure you stay safe when out there tackling all those snowdrifts.

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