Third Annual YBC Curling Bonspeil for Hospice

It is with a great deal of pride that I once again report on the Young Broker’s 2013 curling bonspiel for Hospice Simcoe. This year we had 104 curlers participate in our fun-packed event. Guarantee Company of North America, Aviva, Unica, Farmers Mutual and Dominion of Canada all donated $250.00 to help raise a total of $3500.00 for the charity.

Three years ago I volunteered as the YBC team leader in Simcoe and Muskoka, Territory #3. Our first strategic planning session was in 2009, my idea was to hold a curling bonspiel to increase recognition of the Young Broker Council. I decided early on that like the Will Marshall Insurance Golf tournament a charity should be supported to increase the event’s goodwill.

At the time I had little knowledge of what Hospice did, however, my family GP Dr. Rick Irvine was supporting the charity and I immediately thought I should do the same with my upcoming event. Our first year was very successful and I was able to learn more about Hospice.

To go to a funeral and hear the family speak about Hospice and go to length about the comfort Hospice provided is a very special feeling. I was able to contribute to this family during their time of need.

YBC has also benefitted from our event. In the beginning there were four local brokers who supported me and helped to organize and execute our very first bonspiel, today our meetings routinely include over ten local brokers. The bonspiel has given our group purpose and a presence in the community.

It has been a tremendous experience to help support the YBC and Hospice. I feel as though I have benefited more than any other over the past three years giving back to the community.


Yours Truly,


Colin Marshall

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