Suggested Do’s and Don’ts for Your Office Holiday Party

A group of friends at Christmas

The holidays are an amazing time to think about all that has occurred throughout the year, to celebrate milestones and the appreciation of your staff, all while you prepare to begin a fresh start in the New Year.  On the other hand, the holidays can be quite overwhelming and expensive as a business owner. Not […]

5 Tips For Writing A Good Business Plan

Co-workers talking over paperwork

So you’ve come up with a phenomenal new business idea and want to start your own business; fantastic! Small businesses play a crucial role in Canada’s economy, with nearly 70% of private-sector workers being employed by small-medium enterprises (SME’s) in 2012. While it can be difficult knowing where to begin after coming up with a […]

Insurance for Your Hair Salon

a hair stylist with a client

Consumers spend a lot of money on hair and beauty supplies every year, and if you are the owner of a local hair salon you know that while there is plenty of room for growth and opportunity, there are also risks that come with it as well. Ensuring you are prepared for the unknown will […]

Ice Storms: How to Prevent Possible Damage

A snowy winter road

Is it still January? One would wonder with the recent weather we’ve experienced; the view outside our window is not quite what we’d expect or hope for in April; however, sometimes Mother Nature has its own plans and we have no choice but to go on with what’s dealt to us! With that said, unfortunately […]

Restaurant Owner? Be Sure You Have the Following Insurance Coverage

Someone pouring wine into a glass

If you are the owner and operator of a restaurant, it is important to know that this industry can come with specific risks unique to the food industry. In an effort to ensure you are properly protected, it is crucial that you examine the many requirements of your business before choosing the insurance coverage for […]

Revisit Your Insurance Policy for 2018

As the New Year quickly approaches, have you stopped to consider your insurance policy heading into 2018? While insurance may not be on the top of your “resolutions list” but it is one that is important and will affect your finances for the New Year. After you’ve come up with your goals for 2018, be […]