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Summer Is Underway: Make Sure Your Boat Is Protected!

Boating season is well underway in Central Ontario and Will Marshall Insurance Brokers wants you to stay safe and protected on the waters this summer. Pleasure craft insurance is not required by law in Canada but there are many reasons you should be protecting your boat, especially in the busy waters around our region. Central Ontario has some of the most beautiful fresh water ways and lakes in the world. However because of this the region has been known for its high traffic within the water ways and insurance is highly recommended for this reason alone! Here are some things to consider regarding insuring your watercraft(s).

Often, self propelled watercrafts such as kayaks, canoes and paddleboats can be covered by your home or cottage insurance. If this is of interest, speak to us today regarding your policy and coverage.

Many factors influence insurance rates on watercrafts. These include size, weight, engine size, usage, and principle location of use. Factors such as value and cost of ownership can also influence insurance rates.

Using your watercraft without a valid pleasure craft license can put you in legal trouble, as well as void your insurance policy. It is also important to remember the age and power restrictions that are in place for individuals with their pleasure craft license:

Age 12 and below: Permitted to operate vessels with up to 10hp. No PWC’s.

Ages 12 – 16: Permitted to operate vessels with up to 40hp. No PWC’s.

Ages 16 and above: No power restrictions. PWC’s may be operated.

  • With the wild winters we have in the region, it is common for vessels to be damaged in storage during the harsh off-season. Insurance coverage can help protect your boat, and help pay for any repairs that might occur while in storage. Talk to a broker today to learn more about this type of insurance.
  • Insurance for your pleasure craft ultimately brings peace of mind when the unexpected happens. Insurance coverage can provide coverage in the event of:
  • Damage due to theft or loss of attached equipment.
  • Liability coverage for passengers, tubers or skiers on board, in the water or in another vessel, in the event of personal injury.
  • Damage to someone else’s property caused by your vessel.
  • Most policies do have distance limitations, only providing coverage within a certain radius of your dock or residence. Speak to your broker to learn the exact details of your policy. This is important!

Protecting your boat may sound like another unnecessary expense at first, but the reality is that if you are on the water in Central Ontario. it is not wise to have your vessel insured. Make your summer on the water a worry-free one; contact Will Marshall Insurance Brokers today to discuss rates, policies and options that work for you and your budget. Together we can keep your summer and time on the water stress-free and enjoyable.

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