Stay Safe on Your ATV this Season

It’s that time of year where the great outdoors is calling and you probably can’t wait to tear around in the beautiful summer temperatures. It may be worth noting that when it comes to recreational vehicles, many of them are not covered by your standard auto insurance policy. Most Barrie residents can agree that off road vehicles are a ton of fun. The last thing you want to worry about is insurance coverage and whether you are covered should you experience an accident. Before you get too excited, keep the following tips in mind prior to heading on out on your first ride:

Protect Your Head. Never operate an ATV without wearing an appropriate helmet and ensure you are encouraging your friends to do the same.

ATVs and Alcohol Don’t Mix. Like any motor vehicle, never ride or drive an ATV under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Verify all Working Parts. Tires and wheels – check air pressure, check tires for minor cuts, gouges etc. Lights and electrical system – verify that headlights and taillights are functioning properly and all lights and switches are working as they should. Fluid levels – check oil levels, brake fluid levels etc. Check throttle cables, front and rear brakes and the chassis for any damage.

Prepare Properly. After verifying that all equipment is working effectively, make sure you have an emergency kit on hand. Dress for weather conditions and notify a family member or friend where you’ll be and a time you expect to return home.

Size is Important. Small children are too little to safely control a large ATV and can be severely injured or even killed in ATV accidents. ATVs are powerful vehicles that should never be operated by anyone under the age of sixteen. Furthermore, never overload your vehicle with too many items or people.


Get an ATV Insurance Quote

Like anything, you want to be sure that you choose the right ATV insurance company for your specific needs. At Will Marshall Insurance, our ATV insurance options are convenient, easy, and flexible. Here are some basic options included in most of our Recreational Insurance Policies:

  • Collision coverage – Covers any damage to your ATV if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle or object.
  • Property damage liability coverage – Protects you in the event that there is damage to property caused by your actions.
  • Bodily injury liability coverage – If you were to injure or kill someone while operating your ATV this coverage will protect you with legal defense against any suing parties.
  • Comprehensive physical damage coverage – Looks after alternative losses that may occur such as theft or vandalism.

As you prepare for ATV season, remember to have the proper insurance coverage to protect you from the unexpected; the risks are simply not worth it. For Free ATV or other Recreational Quotes in Barrie, Orillia or Simcoe County, call Will Marshall Insurance Brokers Ltd., 705-726-2551!

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