Spring is Around the Corner: Do You Have Proper Insurance Coverage for Your Barrie Home?

As the snow begins to melt and we begin to experience some milder temperatures, it’s the perfect time for Barrie and Orillia homeowners to re-evaluate their current insurance policies. When the weather conditions change the risk of damage to your home changes too. What does this mean exactly?

With the arrival of spring, melted snow and heavy rain can inevitably cause floods for some homes. Unfortunately depending on the flood’s severity, it can cause a great deal of water damage. If you’re not thoroughly prepared, its effects may even result in permanent structural damage to your home. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation predicts there are approximately 30,000- 40,000 incidents every year, that involve water damages in basements that was considerable enough to warrant an insurance claim and reached costs of over $140 million!

When you experience basement flooding, it could lead to major problems, especially if the basement is flooded numerous times. If long term damage does occur, this can decrease the value of your home and lead to higher premiums and maximum deductibles when making an insurance claim. Remember to keep in mind that home insurance does not cover all damage, specifically water damage caused by floods, unless you have the proper flood insurance. Unfortunately, some water damage cannot be anticipated or prevented, but if you are maintaining the condition of your home on a regular basis, this may be enough to protect you from the common, contributing factors of water damage.

When the spring thaw hits, be sure you are taking the below precautions to help protect your belongings:

  • Refrain from keeping any valuable items in your basement
  • Check that your roof does not require repairs
  • Verify that floor drains are working properly
  • Check the grading around your home
  • Window wells and eaves troughs should be free from debris at all times
  • Look for any cracks in your foundation
  • Think about installing a sewer backflow valve and/or a sump pumpLike anything, regular maintenance and care is going to contribute to the quality and safety of your home.

Protect your home from water damage like you would protect your car from malfunctioning. The key is to keep an eye on its condition, and perform any renovations or upgrades that are required to protect your home. At Will Marshall Insurance in Barrie, our goal is to provide you with home insurance advice and our mission is to provide insurance advice, and advocacy, integrity and dependability that help make a difference. If you’d like more tips on caring for your home in the spring and preventing water damage please contact us today. Call 705-726-2551

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