Business Insurance in Orillia

Businesses are full of tough decisions. Finding good commercial insurance shouldn’t be one of them.

Finding Business Insurance in Orillia

Seeking the right business insurance in Orillia doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to enhance existing coverage, Will Marshall Insurance Brokers offers tailored solutions that fit your business’s unique needs. From liability and property to workers’ compensation, our range of products ensures your operations are protected against potential risks. We understand that every business is different, which is why our expert insurance advisors work closely with you to identify your specific requirements and recommend the right coverage for your business.

Insurance For Your Business You Can Count On

Having solid and reliable insurance for your company is like wearing a seatbelt while driving. It’s there to protect you and ensure safety amidst uncertainties. Every business faces its own set of risks, from property damage and legal liabilities to employee-related risks and even natural disasters. Ensuring you have a dependable insurance plan means you’re preparing your business to weather these storms with confidence. It’s about making sure that unexpected events don’t derail your hard work and progress.

WMIB focuses on matching Orillia businesses with insurance coverage that acts as a strong backbone, supporting you through thick and thin. By understanding the unique challenges and opportunities your business encounters, WMIB crafts personalized insurance solutions. This approach ensures that when the unexpected happens, your business can continue to move forward, backed by a shield of protection designed specifically for its needs.

Why Choose WMIB for Your Orillia Company's Insurance?

Choosing WMIB for your company’s insurance in Orillia means choosing a team that really knows the local business landscape. Our experience gives us a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that local businesses face. We offer personalized service, ensuring that your insurance package perfectly matches your business’s needs. It’s like having a custom suit tailored just for your business, ensuring that every aspect of your operation is protected. Our approach is straightforward and hassle-free, making it easy for you to understand your coverage options and make informed decisions.

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond just offering insurance; we aim to be a partner in your business’s growth. By selecting WMIB, you are not just getting an insurance policy; you’re gaining a team of supporters who are as invested in your business’s success as you are. Our goal is to give you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best, running your business, knowing that we’ve got your back.

Ready to secure your business’s future in Orillia? Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can tailor an insurance solution that fits your company perfectly. Together we can build a safer tomorrow for your business.

Our many insurance products provide insurance protection for many types of commercial business.

Commercial Property & Liability Insurance for:

  • Garages
  • Retirement/nursing Homes
  • Commercial Automobile Fleets
  • Bonding/surety Bonds
  • Restaurants
  • Contractors
  • Manufacturing Risks
  • Retail Risks
  • Commercial Realty Risks
  • Residential Course Of Construction
  • Business Services
  • Janitorial (Incl. 3rd Party Bonding)
  • Funeral Homes, Hairstylists
  • Opticians & Optometrists (Incl. Professional Liability)
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Ocean Marine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Passenger Transportation
  • Public Sector
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing & Wholesale
  • Construction & Contractors
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Business & Professional
  • Realty
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • General Liability
  • Commercial Errors & Omissions
  • Pollution Liability, Environmental
  • Commercial Auto
  • Fleets
  • Garage Operations


  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Labour & Material Payment Bonds
  • Maintenance & Supply Bonds
  • Licenses & Permit Bonds
  • Canadian Customs And Excise Bonds
  • Fiduciary Bonds
  • Lost Security Bonds

Coverage options:

  • Business property
  • Crime coverage
  • Stock & Tools
  • Boiler & Machinery breakdown
  • Business interruption
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Director & Officers
  • Errors & Omissions

The Will Marshall Business Insurance Difference

Searching for the right business insurance can be a stressful job. There are dozens of insurance companies offering even more choices for homeowners.

You can count on Will Marshall Insurance for the information it takes to decide what will work best for you.

We truly value your business, and we will earn your trust year after year.

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