Selecting the Right Insurance Broker – 3 Tips

Selecting your insurance broker is a critical factor in getting the appropriate insurance coverage at the best possible cost. You need a professional who understands which policies will suit your specific needs and can advise you on several options to choose from. Choosing your broker is no different than choosing any other professional partner such as your lawyer or accountant; it should be done carefully with a high level of consideration.

Hiring the right Insurance Broker for your personal or business needs can benefit you significantly.  Whether you require home, life, health or auto insurance, it’s important that you feel comfortable with the broker you select, and that you are confident in their ability to supply you with the best possible service.  Ultimately you want to ensure you are partnering with a broker that can supply you with the coverage you need, without spending more than you need to.


Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when selecting your insurance broker:

Choose a broker with experience

Experienced Insurance Brokers have the skill set, education and knowledge to navigate through the various policies, steering you towards the best coverage for your particular needs and budget.


You should feel at ease talking to your broker

As mentioned above for your own peace of mind, you should feel comfortable discussing financial information and any requests with your insurance broker. Sure, you may not need to speak with your insurance broker often, especially if you don’t have any claims to file, but you should still have a good working relationship with that individual.  Remember thatinsurance is an investment and therefore you should feel content discussing this investment and other areas of your life with your broker. The more that your broker is familiar with your personal and business life, the better he or she can help you make the smartest choices when it comes to your insurance.


Your broker should be readily available:

If you can never reach your insurance broker, are they really that reliable?  Your broker should be readily available in case of an emergency situation. Of course there will be circumstances when they are unable to attend to your phone call or reply to your email immediately, but they should get in touch within a reasonable timeframe. If your broker is away on vacation, he or she should advise you on who to speak to, and how to proceed with your inquiries.

You’ll know when you have selected the right insurance broker, just remember to do your research and invest enough time into your decision making process. At Will Marshall Insurance, our brokers are determined to gain you as a valued customer, offering you the support and policies that are in your best interest. Our number one priority is serving our customers to the best of our ability, and you can rest assured that we will seek out policies that will save you money and time.

Will Marshall Insurance Brokers in Barrie and Orillia is proud to be family owned and operated.  As a customer you become part of our family. For more information, please contact us at 705-726-2551

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