Save on Barrie Auto Insurance 5 Quick Tips

Save on Barrie Auto Insurance – 5 Quick Tips

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

While this may seem like common knowledge, it’s also one of the smartest (and easiest) ways to keep your insurance rates down. If you continue to be a safe driver, you’ll receive greater premiums; it’s as simple as that.


Consider Your Vehicle Selection

When searching for the perfect vehicle, remember that luxury and sports cars are likely going to cost more to insure. Furthermore, it’s important to investigate whether the model you are considering is susceptible to theft. Expensive cars are often targeted as high risk vehicles for break-ins, and therefore insurance rates are usually higher to cover repair costs. Unless you’re keen on driving a flashy vehicle, you may want to look into similar alternatives that are more modest in appearance.


Keep in Mind How You’ll Use the Vehicle

Often because of an increase in vandalism, accidents and theft rates in urban areas, these drivers will be faced with higher insurance rates than those in rural locations. If you are commuting outside of the Barrie area on a regular basis, you’ll likely be faced with a higher insurance premium than if you are driving locally and less frequently. If you are required to commute to work, consider carpooling options, or if you have access to public transportation in Barrie by bus or train, this is a great option that will help you save on auto insurance.


Assess Your Coverage

Contact your insurance broker, and ask for a detailed outline on your collision coverage, as well as your deductibles. Your insurance broker will be able to give recommendations for potential savings; for example if you drive an older vehicle it may not be financially practical to continue paying for full coverage. Remember that if you use the same insurance broker for both your home and automotive insurance, they can find the best possible rates for both.


Compare Rates

Like anything, it’s wise to shop around and do some research as to exactly what Barrie auto insurance companies are offering, and if there are any discounts available. An insurance broker differs from an agent or a direct company because they have access to more than one insurance market. A broker is able compare a selection of options, giving you a good understanding as to which one offers the best policy and rates, fitting for you.


Auto insurance isn’t just a safety net; it’s the law to have coverage. Driving without insurance can result in huge fines, and if an uninsured driver is involved in a collision, the legal fees could be astronomical. The majority of people make certain they are insured when they drive and these auto insurance tips can help Barrie drivers save a great deal of money and provide amazing piece of mind.

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