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Been in a Recent Collision? This is How You Should Proceed

In the event of a collision, you may not be aware of the proper steps to take following its occurrence.  Will Marshall Insurance is here to help you complete the claims process so that you can feel comfortable and confident with every step of the process.

Here is a basic step-by-step guide to the claims process:

Obtain as much information as possible

  • Be sure you get the other driver’s information and details of the incident, and you should also ask for witness statements/obtain police reports for any damage.
  • Collisions in Ontario with damage estimated over $2,000 should be reported to the Collision Reporting Centre.

Report the claim to your insurance company as quickly as possible: one business day Be sure to speak to your broker at Will Marshall Insurance. We will:

  • Verify the details of your coverage
  • Review the facts surrounding the incident
  • Advise you of any paperwork that needs to be completed
  • Report the claim to the insurance company on your behalf, or can help you in reporting it yourself.

Speak to your claims adjuster

Once the insurance company has your claim report, a claims adjuster will contact you to proceed with the case. A claims adjuster will typically contact you to:

  • Verify details surrounding the loss and review your coverage
  • Provide paperwork that needs to be filled out and to facilitate any repairs to be done.
  • Going forward your adjuster will be your main contact person for your claim.

Were there injuries involved?

If you or another person has experienced injury as a result of the accident, you will work with a specialist claims adjuster. These adjusters are trained to know what potential medical benefits might be available and supply you with any paperwork that needs to be done. If other parties were injured it is crucial to liaise with the insurance company’s investigation, to make sure a fair and timely solution is decided upon.

Inspecting the loss

Your claims adjuster will probably request that a third party inspects the damage and offers an estimate for repair/replacement costs.

  • An appraisal report is completed by an appraiser that estimates the value of a vehicle and inspects the degree of damage and cost for repairs. Your insurance company will have preferred appraisers who they will recommend, so it is wise to start with these. Always get a copy of the report for your own files. You will also need to provide a copy to your insurance company.

How much will my insurance cover? Your claims adjuster will look at the estimated cost of repairs and determine what is covered.

  • You will be provided with options for your repairs, including recommended suppliers by the insurer or whether you can use a mechanic or contractor of your choice. Repairs that are completed by preferred vendors will be guaranteed by the insurance company to meet the highest of standards and your satisfaction.
  • You will be held liable to pay for any deductible that pertains to your claim.
  • Your policy and coverage will sort out whether additional services are required for you, such as a rental vehicle while repairs are being completed.

Paying for services and repairs

Once repairs are finished and items have been replaced, your insurance company will pay any invoices on your behalf, except of course the deductible, which you would have already paid.  Keep in mind you have two years from the incident date, to finalize your claim.

If you have questions about what insurance coverage you have in place, contact Will Marshall Insurance in Barrie and Orillia.  We will ensure your car is properly covered to their full value. Then you can rest easy knowing the things you value are protected.

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