Protect Your Home from Fall Critters to Stay Insured!

While most of us love to cuddle up on the couch in the fall, read a book and relax you may have some unwanted guests that want to stay warm and cozy as the temperature drops. Fall critters also enjoy finding a warm and dry place to relax in through the winter months! Don’t let your house become their winter living area; take the necessary precautions to protect your house from possible damage.

So what’s the harm in fall pests entering your home? Although a few critters may not cause significant damage and are very hard to prevent, there are a select few that could be very disruptive and cause massive destruction; not to mention they could affect your family’s safety and health.

As their food supply becomes limited, rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels will look for indoor shelter. These rodents seek entry as their food supply shortens. Unfortunately these guests can have a very negative impact on your home, as their burrowing can lead to damage to your room, support beams. What may be even more alarming is their ability to start fires; squirrels can chew through electrical wires, while they attempt to construct nests in your walls or attic. Needless to say, both mice and squirrels can be very dangerous if they get access into your home, so you should be well prepared on ways in which to keep them out.

What Do These Critters Dave to Do With Home Insurance?

As a homeowner it’s both wise and necessary to keep these animals out of your living space. You may not be covered by insurance for damages caused by these unwelcome guests.


There are a number of scenarios that could prevent coverage from fire, roof or structural damage. If it is deemed that the homeowner was negligent in removing these pests and damage was caused there may not be coverage.

Think of it this way; if you start a fire in your living room, without using a fireplace, you will probably not be covered by your insurance company. If you rewire parts of your home without using a licensed electrician and cause damage, you may not be covered. If you take off part of your roof to build a new shed and your home is damaged, you may not be covered.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to properly maintain their home to remain insured. If there is a persistent issue with pests and nothing is done, the insurance company may not offer coverage.

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