Prevent a Slip and Fall Accident at Your Workplace

It’s a trend that continues to increase in today’s business world…More and more it appears that community members are prone to sue a business in circumstances where they may have been injured on your property. Let’s take a “slip and fall” incident for instance; studies reveal that the amount of claims being made as well as the amount being paid out, has significantly increased over the last few years.

As a business owner, it is your sole responsibility and legal obligation to ensure visitors, employees, and anyone else on your work premises is in a safe environment at all times. Maintaining a property that is free from hazard risks of potential injury is crucial in preventing the possibility of legal action.

How is Your Business at Risk?

If you are a business owner, you could run the risk of being sued in the event that someone falls, trips or slips under the following circumstances:

  • There is a hazardous condition on your property
  • You should have predicted such an incident because of unsafe conditions
  • The accident could have been avoided if you had taken precautions
  • You fail to use warning signs to inform the public and your employees of any present hazards
  • You haven’t implemented any internal maintenance or inspection programs as a method of prevention

So how can you reduce the risk of a claim? The majority of “slip and fall” occurrences take place because of icy/slippery sidewalks, parking lots, and staircases. Wet floors and uneven pavement are also common causes of injury.

The best method of prevention is by ensuring you regularly inspect, repair, and record the condition of your work premises. This will assist you in making any necessary adjustments to better the safety of your property.

At Will Marshal Insurance we’ll happily go over your current situation with you and provide appropriate insurance recommendations that will help protect you against claims. Our many insurance products provide insurance protection for many types of commercial businesses such as Small Contractors, Cafes, Delis, Restaurants, Small Manufacturing Risks, Retail Risks, Commercial Realty Risks, Residential Course of Construction and Business Services.

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