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Prepare Your Home for Spring

Spring is here! It’s time to finally put away the winter blankets, turn the heat down (or off entirely) and open up the windows for a fresh breeze and sunshine!

While some of us are probably itching to plant our spring bulbs and vegetable gardens, any Barrie and Orillia resident knows that the spring also brings some pretty unpredictable weather conditions as well, unfortunately. That incredible warm breeze and awesome sunshine can quickly be replaced with rain, snow and stormy conditions often with very little warning. With spring also comes a list of maintenance responsibilities homeowners should really complete as well. From examining the roof to checking the foundation, most homes should be maintained adequately from top to bottom with each season that arrives.

What can Orillia and Barrie homeowners do to prepare for the spring?

Clean out the rain gutters

April showers bring May flowers! Springtime is typically a rainy season for most provinces here in Canada, but specifically in Ontario. With heavy rainfall roofs and walls are prone to leaks fairly easily. Water damage can not only be a nuisance, it can also be extremely costly for homeowners to have fixed. If mold has already developed, it can lead to long-lasting consequences. It’s in your best interest to use a ladder and work at completing cleaning out your rain gutters and eaves-troughs. Remove any leaves and debris that may have collected throughout the winter months to ensure water can enter and flow down to the ground.

Consider the current state of your foundation

Temperature fluctuations can cause concrete to expand and contract and this can lead to cracks in your foundation.  The problem is that if cracks in the walls that have been caused by uneven foundation go unnoticed or ignored, it can contribute to more serious structural issues that can get quite costly. The solution? If and when you see a crack while you’re performing an inspection, be sure you repair it immediately. With that said, before you turn to professional assistance in repairing this crack, be sure you get in touch with your home insurance broker to begin the claim process. In some scenarios, your agent may have a contact they suggest that’s a licensed professional in the region.

Address any leaky windows

You should be fixing leaky windows immediately if you want to keep the cold air inside and the hot air out. This should be completed before spring arrives so your home is ready for the temperature changes. Global News suggests that homeowners remove any old caulking and have it replaced. It’s also advised to check any wood trim or sills for potential decay and ensure this is repaired or replaced if necessary. In doing so, this will help tremendously to keep drafts out and energy bills down.

Take a close look at the air conditioning

If you have an air conditioning unit or central air, now is the perfect opportunity to test it out to verify the vents and fans are thoroughly clean and that everything is functioning as it should. When you’re faced with a sticky and hot Sunday in July, the last thing you want to deal with is an air conditioner that doesn’t work. Simply reference the owner’s manual for AC maintenance or contact the provider/installer to schedule a yearly checkup on your unit.

Dig out your spring backyard belongings

Your backyard might be exactly where you spend the majority of your time throughout the summer weekends. Now is a great time to bring out all of your furniture, patio accessories, outdoor lights, and of course your barbeque! Looking after this earlier on in the season gives you that extra time for potential repairs and to budget expenses if certain things need to be replaced. It’s always better to spread out maintenance costs when you’re preparing for the change in seasons, rather than spending a large amount of money up front, one time.

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your home insurance policy while you prepare for spring, please don’t hesitate to contact Will Marshall Insurance. We will gladly assist you.

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