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Is Your Orillia Home Covered from the Threats of a Winter Storm?

With all of the ice and treacherous driving conditions we’ve seen these past few days, you might be wondering what exactly is covered by your home insurance policy should there be unforeseen damage to your property, vehicle, or home.

Let’s take a look at some common concerns:

If a tree falls on my home, will I be covered?

Simply put, yes. When you use Will Marshall Insurance for your home insurance policy, your standard homeowner policy will look after any damage that is incurred to your home, caused by ice, snow, rain or wind. Flying debris, trees and branches, are also covered under this.  Should a major structure collapse as a result of a winter storm, your home insurance policy will handle this. Heavy weight from built up snow and ice can do a number on one’s roof; rest assured that we’ll ensure this is taken care of should it occur.

If branches need to be removed from my property, will my insurance pay for this?

In this case no, likely not. While your insurance policy will typically cover damage to any fences, eavestroughs, windows, porches, and your roof, removal of any debris is usually not a factor in this. Debris removal from your yard will generally be your responsibility and completed at your own expense.  If and when in doubt, always confirm with your insurance company whether or not they will cover the expenses if a damage claim is filed.

Will my insurance pay to replace damage to trees and landscaping caused by weather?

This may vary based on your particular policy. To restore damage to trees and landscaping, the majority of home policies will permit you to apply up to 5% of the amount of insurance on your house.

My house is flooded from melting snow and ice. Now what do I do?

Any flood damage inside your home caused by melted snow or ice, is almost always covered under your standard home insurance policy. On the other hand, if your pipes freeze and burst thus causing flooding inside your home, your standard policy may not look after these damages. Again, it’s always best to contact your insurance broker with any inquiries or concerns. This will clear up any misunderstandings and better prepare you in the event you experience flooding.

I cannot live in my house because of the level of damage. Will I be provided with additional living expenses?

If you’re a homeowner that is unable to stay in your home due to damage that is insurable, you will be entitled to additional living expenses. If you vacate your home because of cold temperatures, however, you probably won’t be reimbursed for any additional living expenses.  As with most situations, this may differ depending on your policy. Contact our team to learn more about this particular circumstance.

My car was damaged from excessive snow and ice. Am I insured?

Vehicle damage caused by snow, water, ice, and the wind, is often covered should you have a comprehensive car insurance, but this coverage is optional so again, look into your specific policy to be certain. Unlike Ontario auto insurance, homeowners insurance is not controlled and coverage may vary with each company, so it’s highly recommended that you check with your insurance professional to learn exactly what you will be covered for. Many homeowners’ policies have average deductibles of $500, so you’ll have to determine if making a claim is worth it, depending on the level of damage incurred.

Contact our team of insurance brokers for additional information on home insurance, and what policies are available to you. Be sure you are fully covered throughout this winter season. The cold weather brings unpredictable conditions; have peace of mind in knowing that your property is covered.

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