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Ontario Government Makes Important Changes to Your Auto Insurance

As of June 1st, 2016, the Ontario government has made changes to the legislation that regulates the total amount of accident benefits that’s paid under the standard automobile insurance policy.

These changes will affect your protection, so we advise you review them here.

So How Does this Affect You?

It’s important that you are aware of the coverage you used to have, what is offered to you now, and how a serious claim can impact your family. At Will Marshall Insurance, we want to ensure you are fully aware of these changes and what these will mean for your family and lifestyle.

Once you renew your automobile policy on or after June 1st, 2016, your auto policy will renew with new lower limits. These new lower limits will play a role in the following coverages:

  • Medical and rehabilitation benefits for non-catastrophic injuries.
  • Attendant care for non-catastrophic injuries.
  • Medical and rehabilitation benefits for catastrophic injuries.
  • Attendant care for catastrophic injuries.
  • Medical, rehabilitation and attendant care for all injuries.

Your new insurance policy will reflect these lower limits in relation to the above coverages but  drivers are welcome to purchase additional coverage if it suits their individual needs and lifestyle better.

Before the time of your renewal, we suggest you speak to one of our insurance brokers at Will Marshall, to discuss your options. We’ll help you understand what benefit coverage limits you currently have, and what’s available to you now. Our goal is to ensure your auto insurance policy is in line with the particular coverages you require for your lifestyle.


The Most Significant Changes?

Regardless of whether you are considering a new policy, or simply renewing your existing policy, you should be well aware of the biggest changes to the statutory accident benefits:


Benefit Current Policy New Policy
Medical and Rehabilitation for non-catastrophic injuries $50,000  

These benefits have been combined and reduced to $65,000 total

Attendant Care for non-catastrophic injuries $36,000
Medical and Rehabilitation for catastrophic injuries $1,000,000  

These benefits have been combined and reduced to $1,000,000 total

Attendant Care for catastrophic injuries $1,000,000


What Brings the Changes?

The Ontario government and insurance industry conducted these changes in an effort to help manage the increasing costs of auto insurance, here in Ontario. The cost connected with helping individuals recuperate from auto-related injuries is significant. Your Ontario auto premiums are affected by the above-noted coverages. Making sure they are fair and controlled will help reduce the cost of auto insurance rates.

You should have received a notice from your insurance company outlining these changes, but if you have any questions, or would like more information on upgraded coverage, give Will Marshall Insurance a call. We are happy to answer any questions you might have in relation to these changes.

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