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Motorcycle Insurance

Now that motorcycle season is here, it may soon be your primary source of transportation. Have you looked into your motorcycle insurance rates yet? We have had some feedback that generally speaking, premiums have gone up which might make owning and driving one difficult to justify for some people. Unfortunately like anything, the more expensive it becomes, the more expendable you motorcycle may seem to be. If it’s nothing something you’re willing to lose (and we don’t blame you), we have some tips to save you money on your motorcycle insurance premiums; keep doing what you love!

Why a Broker is Critical for Your Motorcycle Insurance

The ongoing rise in motorcycle premiums is not a topic that has gone ignored; in fact, it has been pretty well covered on CTV Consumer Alert. So what can you do? Does it make a difference who you hand your money to if all insurance companies are the same? It does! At Will Marshall Insurance Brokers, the insurance companies we partner with will be competing for your business, especially over something as valuable as a motorcycle premium. Our team will assist in locating the best possible price for all of your personal requirements. If your rates have gone up, we will find you a better policy.

What Effects Motorcycle Insurance Premiums

Many of the factors that affect the price of your policy are very similar to that of a regular automobile; however, there are a few unique to a motorcycle that you should be aware of. We are more than willing and happy to explain any details that you don’t understand, but there’s also some quality material that’s worth reading supplied by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario. Of course your age, driving record, how regularly your drive, where you live, and the type of bike you have, all play a role in determining your motorcycle insurance premium, but what also determines the cost is the type of rider training you’ve earned. Another thing to note is that there are different rules that apply if you’re exclusively operating your bike on private property. In this case, you can save tremendously on your policy.

How to Maintain a Good Record

The Insurance Bureau of Canada provides a few pointers that can assist in keeping your motorcycle insurance premiums down. Their first suggestion is to seek out professional training. Techniques continue to change as technology advances, therefore, it’s important to stay on top of these changes to save. Dressing appropriately is a key as well; this refers to the required safety equipment but also you should think about wearing vibrant clothing to stay visible at all times. Maintain your bike; a healthy bike in good condition is one that is reliable and one that will look after you. Be sure to scan the road surface approximately 12-15 seconds in front of you. A motorcycle will respond differently to changes in the road, such as with train tracks or potholes; you have to be prepared to respond quickly, well in advance.

How We Can Help

We will ensure to connect you with a provider that knows the motorcycle industry inside and out. We understand the pride you have in your bike, and we want to help keep your possession protected for a great price.

Get in touch with Will Marshall Insurance today for additional assistance. We are happy to assist you! Call 705-726-2551 in Barrie, or 705-326-5664 in Orillia.

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