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Maintaining Your Cottage throughout the Summer Months – Handy Tips


Just as it can be an issue to your home, the weather can take a toll on your cottage’s roof. Wind, tree branches and ice can damage can all affect the condition of your roof so it’s important to review this when opening your cottage for the season. It’s best to do a visual inspection of the roof each time you visit the cottage, in an effort to catch any concerns that may be present with your roof. If there are any loose branches or debris remove them as soon as possible, and get rid of any overhanging branches that could cause problems down the road. Throughout your inspection, check for loose or missing shingles and the possibility of uneven nails; perform any necessary repairs to prevent further damage. It’s best to also perform a visual inspection of the interior ceiling to check for stains, water, or mold as well.

Water System

Frigid temperatures that we often experience over the winter months, can contribute to pipes cracking or bursting. If you haven’t checked this since the winter season, be sure to do so. A simple visual inspection will usually do the trick, but it’s important to also be aware of what’s involved in testing your particular water system.

Decks and Docks

Watch out for rotting areas in your deck and dock, or for missing boards; replace wherever needed, as this is a major safety issue. You may wish to apply a wood preservative or cleaner for an optimal condition.

Window and Door Screens

Ensuring your screens are in quality shape will keep the small animals and mosquitoes out of your cottage. You can purchase DIY screen repair or replacement kits at most local hardware stores in your community.


Check for any power lines that might be down or potential damage to your electricity meter. Call your electricity provider if you do in fact notice any downed lines or damage. Look through your cottage’s interior to make sure there are no gnawed wires, as seeing these could indicate that there were or are, small creatures living in your cottage, such as mice.

What Kind of Insurance Policy do You Need for Your Cottage?

Seasonal Insurance Policy

A seasonal insurance policy is typically a standard-coverage package that addresses replacement fees on the primary buildings that make up the cottage property, and their specific contents. If you have a water access cottage, this is a common situation where you might be interested in a seasonal insurance policy for your cottage.

Secondary Seasonal Policy

A secondary seasonal insurance policy is a more thorough policy that supplies cottage insurance protection which is very similar to what is offered in a regular comprehensive homeowner policy.

How Much Insurance Coverage is Necessary for Your Cottage?
When you’re looking for the greatest cottage insurance policy, it is critical that you get coverage that will ultimately provide you adequate protection and peace of mind.
At Will Marshall Insurance, we serve Barrie and Orillia clients looking for appropriate coverage for their homes, cottages, and recreational vehicles. Be sure you are equipped with a policy that makes sense for you this summer. Enjoy more fun and the sun and fewer worries this summer!

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