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Insurance Resolutions for 2017

The New Year is the best time to set not only personal goals but also resolutions surrounding your insurance. One year can bring many changes, and with those changes may mean that your insurance should be looked at again. The great thing about insurance resolutions is that the outcomes are entirely tangible. What does that mean for you? These are resolutions that will actually assist you in saving time and money on insurance products. Another major advantage is enhanced safety because practicing better habits will, in the end, save you on insurance. The other big benefit is improved safety, as developing better habits is one of the best ways to save on insurance. Let’s take a look at a few considerations for your insurance resolutions. Make 2017 a safe and secure year for you and your family!

  • Do your best to remain claim-free in 2017. Of course, accidents take place, but in most cases, they are preventable when the proper caution is executed by the driver. Stay away from accidents by remaining alert and calm on the road. Learn to be confident and comfortable in your vehicle, and commit to practicing the tried-and-true rules of the road.
  • Discover where and why most auto accidents take place. Most cities will report many minor accidents, while rural regions experience fewer accidents that are typically more severe. Find out Learn where these accidents are prone to take place and be extra cautious in those regions.
  • Keep yourself protected from tickets and demerit points. Safe driving is the easiest method of keeping your auto insurance rates down, and demerit points are sure to do just the opposite when it comes to your rates. Avoid dangerous driving events, and feel proud in remaining as one of low-risk classification client!
  • Refrain from distracted driving under any conditions. Safe driving requires your full attention, and that means staying away from driving and texting, phone calls, and any other distractions behind the wheel.
  • Stay prepared for all different kinds of weather. We experience some interesting conditions here in Orillia and often it is very unpredictable. Hail damage, high winds, or winter weather can be dangerous, so it’s crucial that you do everything to prepare your home and car properly.
  • Keep track of home improvements and major purchases. Any home improvements should be reported to your insurance provider especially if there is a chance the improvements will raise your property value. Insurance Brokers like those at Will Marshall Insurance can provide you with many practical resources so you can maintain an inventory of your purchases and possessions, knowing all of your valuables will be accounted for. It’s highly suggested that you are aware of the difference between actual cash value (ACV) and replacement cost Confirm that you, in fact, have the type that is best fitting for you and your family.
  • Meet with an Insurance Broker to review and renew your insurance policies. An occasional review of your insurance policies, specifically at renewal time, is always a wise decision. Your insurance broker should be a valuable resource during this important process. If you’re interested in switching your car insurance, allow us to save you an unnecessary headache.

Reach out to Will Marshall Insurance for all of your 2017 resolutions! Call our Barrie office at 705-726-2551, or our Orillia office at 705-326-5664.

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