Insurance Brokers

The Role of an Insurance Broker

An insurance broker is an expert in insurance. Their job is to create or find the insurance coverage that best addresses their client’s individual needs. Insurance brokers work independently of any single insurance company, which gives them the ability to create comprehensive plans using policies from several different insurance providers. They also assist their client during the claims process, providing valuable insight and guidance.

Insurance brokers are able to provide advice without bias and although we have insurance partners, our number one partner has always been and will always be the customer. Our competition, the banks or direct writers, are not only bound to their customer’s interests but to their shareholders as well.


What Kind of Policies Can a Broker Help You Find?

Insuring with an independent insurance broker who represents companies that are dependably Canadian, helps make the purchase of your insurance easier. We are proud to offer insurance online for our customers directly through e-mail, or face-to-face at your home, at our office or at your convenience.

It is common for property policies to be sold with sub-limits on sewer backup. Sewer backup covers a variety of water losses and is now the loss leader among insurance claims. It is important that your insurance policy has a limit in excess of $100,000.

Auto policies are also not created equal, although the OAP1 is standardized across Ontario a variety of coverage can be purchased in addition.

• Loss of use
• Non-owned auto
• Accident waiver
• Waiver of depreciation on new cars
• Higher liability limits than the provincial minimum
• All perils coverage versus comprehensive, collision and specified perils
• Optional accident benefits


The Difference Between a Broker and an Agent

An insurance broker’s main focus is on you: the client. A broker will work with you and use their expertise to help direct you to the insurance plan that provides the exact coverage you need. Since brokers regularly work with many different insurance agencies and must consistently remain aware of changing policies, they also function as a useful resource for any questions or concerns you may have about your insurance.

An insurance agent, by contrast, works for the insurance company they represent. They will help you coordinate with the company to make or process a claim, but they work for the insurance company, not for you.

A broker is best suited to advise you throughout your insurance purchasing on what options to buy and when to buy them as your life changes. If you find you need to make a claim, our office is always available to ensure that the policy is followed and paid correctly by the insurance company. Having the right representation in your corner can save you money and time, especially after a claim is made.

Will Marshall Insurance Brokers in Barrie and Orillia is proud to be family owned and operated; as a customer, you become part of our family.

Your best insurance is an Insurance Broker!


Why Will Marshall?

For over 20 years, we’ve worked diligently to build long-lasting and trustworthy relationships with our clients that are not just professional, but are personal and unique to the needs of each individual client. At Will Marshall Insurance Brokers, our clients are more than a random policy number. They are real people whom we want the best for; our neighbours, friends and family.

The team at Will Marshall aims to offer each and every client with exceptional service, ensuring all insurance options and/or concerns are addressed and thoroughly explained. We want your experience to be a pleasant one, and we’re confident our customer service and professionalism will provide you with just that.

We truly value your business, and we’re dedicated to carefully doing whatever it takes to earn it year after year. To give you peace of mind and provide you with confidence in trusting Will Marshall Insurance Brokers as your dependable service providers, we’ve developed three core commitments:


A Variety of Insurance Solutions

Auto Insurance

We provide insurance options for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, RV’s and any other vehicles.

Residential and Property Insurance

Choose from home, cottage, condo or other property insurance.

Commercial Insurance

Insurance solutions in the event of a disaster. This includes insurance coverage for contractors, restaurants, business services, technology, hospitality,
commercial vehicles, electronic data processing and more.

Recreational Insurance

Insurance options for snowmobiles, ATV’s, Motors and Trailers, and additional recreational vehicles.

Farm Insurance

A wide selection of insurance choices for the agricultural industry, including unique rating programs for dairy, pork, poultry, beef and more.