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How to Prep for the Perfect Summer RV Road Trip

The summer road trip has been a treasured memory for thousands of Canadians, and while intermittent lockdowns might limit where you can go, you’re likely already dreaming about your next getaway. Weekend explorers might be eyeing the new campground that just opened nearby, and those with the ability to take a few weeks off might have already marked up the map with a route to Northern Ontario to catch the northern lights.

Whether you’ve got plans for a weekend getaway to your favourite provincial park or a longer trip farther north to stargaze, you’ve got some preparation to do for the trip. Today, we’re going to review what you need to know to have the perfect summer RV road trip, no matter where your wheels take you.

How to Decide Where to Go

The biggest mistake new travellers make is not giving themselves enough time to enjoy the sights along the way. Travelling with an RV or camper/trailer is necessarily a bit slower than travelling by car, so don’t be too ambitious in your goals. Plan your overnight stops within a 4-hour drive of each other, so you’ll be able to make the most of your time at the campgrounds.

If this is your first trip out with a new RV or camper/trailer, pick a destination that’s relatively close to home. Book your campground in advance to eliminate the stress of trying to figure out where you’ll sleep that night, and look for a place with something fun to do. Are there hiking trails to explore, or the best stargazing views of the season? Camping can be fun on its own, but giving yourself the option of activity can help keep the trip from turning stale.

What to Do to Prepare Your RV

Before you ever put the key in the ignition, you’re going to want to conduct a vehicle maintenance inspection. You (or your chosen mechanic) should check everything from the brake pads to the tire pressure and fluid levels. After all, the last thing you want on your road trip is engine trouble!

You should also make sure you’ve got your roadmap or GPS system packed, and don’t forget to include an emergency kit with road flares, spare batteries, blankets, and food. If you’re planning on bringing some food with you in your RV’s cooler or fridge, make sure it’s allowed to cool down the night before the trip. That way, when you depart, it’ll be cool enough to protect perishable food items until you can connect to electricity at camp.

Pack your insurance papers, ID cards, and any other documents you might need on your journey. Double-check that they are, in fact, where you want them to be before you head out. Many a road trip has had two or three false starts because one traveller forgot something important, so cut yourself some slack and go through your list one more time before hitting the pavement – you’ll be glad you did!

Planning for the Worst

An essential part of RV camping should always be a review of what needs to be done to set up camp. That’ll likely include items like levelling your RV, hooking up your water and power, and turn on your heat or AC if needed. However, what will you do if one or more of those items aren’t available, or if your RV systems unexpectedly malfunction?

Vehicle insurance of some kind is required for any vehicle on the roads, but recreational RV insurance takes it one step further by combining some of the best benefits from other insurance policies. In addition to having the option to get coverage for the belongings in your RV, recreational RV insurance can also be tailored to include roadside assistance in an emergency, alternative transportation coverage if your RV has to go in for repairs, and can even include expense coverage for the rest of your vacation.

Support From Recreational Vehicle Insurance

When you contact Will Marshall Insurance Brokers Ltd., you will receive more than just a free RV or recreational insurance quote. Our claim dependability is unrivalled, and we consistently provide advocacy and advice throughout the process of examining different insurance options.

Personalized recreational insurance policies are tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer. We work one-on-one with you to tailor an insurance policy that will serve your best interests. One of our knowledgeable brokers will provide you with their expertise so that you can make an educated decision on what’s best for you – not only on price, but also on what’s best for your RV!

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