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Hosting a Holiday Party? Here are Some Responsible Reminders

‘Tis the season for celebrating the Holiday Season with friends and loved ones! With only a couple of weeks left until Christmas, you may be gearing up to host the party of the season. While the stakes in hosting a holiday party seem a big bigger these days, there is no need to worry if you take into consideration some simple recommendations. Whether you live in the Barrie region or not, you certainly want your guests to enjoy themselves without unpleasant consequences. Before you finalize all the fun details, be sure you’ve gone through this handy “host” checklist!

Stay Aware

Keep a mindful watch on all of your guests to ensure that they aren’t over indulging when it comes to alcoholic beverages. If you notice someone who appears to be, it’s really up to you to decide whether to establish limits. As a host, you can serve guests yourself to be in greater control of drinks, instead of allowing for an open bar environment. At the end of the day the choice is yours but there are more risks that come with an open bar as you are probably aware.

Liquid Shift

An appropriate part of the evening before your guests are thinking about leaving for the night, make an obvious switch to coffee and tea; this will imply to your guests that the night is unwinding and it’s the perfect time to serve your guests some holiday sweets to go along with it! Everyone loves some delicious holiday baking!

Stay Sober

It may be a good idea to stay sober yourself, so you can make proper judgement calls pertaining to your guests and the safety of everyone at the party. Better yet, you and your partner can take turns as a designated non-drinker if it’s a tradition you’ll continue in the future.

Change the Focus

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the holiday drinks, but if you change the focus from the get-go your guests may follow suit. Why not get together with close friends and watch holiday movies, play some silly board games, or do a gift exchange. Each of these activities can be done successfully without having to serve excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages. Plus, your guests will wake up feeling good which is always a bonus!

Take Keys Away

If it is obvious one of your guest’s has indeed overindulged, arrange a cab for them to get home safely or provide a bed for the night so they can get the proper rest without going anywhere. Sometimes, you must be the “bad guy” and take away their car keys. They may not be happy in the moment, but you are doing everyone a favor in the end. The risks are not worth it!

Fill Those Bellies

Ensure that there is lots of snacks and dishes served throughout the night to dilute the effects of alcohol. Try to stay away from too many salty choices because they tend to make you thirstier and therefore may encourage further drinking.

Clear the Way

Always check that your driveway and sidewalk area is completely free of ice or excessive snow, so your company can come to and from your party without risk of falling. If there are any tripping hazards throughout your home, make sure these are tucked away as best as you can. You should have a safety mat in your hallway to stop slipping and sliding on a wet floor. Of course, having a fire extinguisher on hand should any kitchen crises arise, is imperative as well.

Remember, prevention is preferable to recovery. Follow these steps and everyone, including you, will enjoy the party.


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