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Home Safety and Halloween

Halloween is a thrilling time for so many Orillia and Barrie homeowners; after all, it’s full of festivities, fun, and surprises! There’s no big responsibility of having to prepare a crazy meal, you can feel like a kid again whether you’re recreating an old costume or pretending to be a super hero.  Let’s not forget that it’s the only time of year where eating mass amounts of candy is completely and entirely acceptable.

To ensure this year is no different than any other, it’s important that you keep a few tips in mind while celebrating. Don’t let the risk of a homeowner’s insurance claim spoil your Halloween fun. Keep your home protected from liability. Whether you plan to hold a Halloween party or are welcoming trick-or-treaters, when your property is open to the public, it can leave you susceptible to insurance claims or lawsuits.

Here are some practical safety tips for Halloween this year:

  • Keep a Clear Path –It’s important that you do your best to keep the area around your home free from any obstructions so that guests aren’t going to fall or injure themselves.  Especially for Halloween; make sure lawn ornaments, gardening equipment, toys, etc. are stored away to prevent liability.
  • Keep the Lights On –Lights should be turned on so that any visitors can see clearly in the dark again to avoid the risk of a fall or injury on your property. In doing so, you will prevent the chance of a liability claim, plus you’ll deter burglars as break-ins don’t occur if it appears residents are home.
  • Contain Your Pets – For the security of your pets and guests, make an effort to keep dogs and cats away from the front porch or in places where they could frighten and potentially bite trick-or-treaters.
  • Stay Away from Open Flames –Sure; candles and luminaries help create the spooky mood for Halloween, but in a second they can be knocked over, resulting in fire damage and homeowners insurance claims. For safety purposes, stick to light sticks or battery-operated lanterns instead.
  • Supervise Pumpkin Carving –Have a great time carving away, but assure home safety with the supervision of an adult to keep an eye on the process.  Better yet, we suggest that you use a special pumpkin cutter for the greatest safety.
  • Assure Home Security –If your house will be empty on Halloween, remember to set your security alarm system before you leave. This is a very common time of year for mischief and burglaries.  Make sure to also activate motion-sensitive lights and inform your neighbours that you will be away.
  • Consider Before You Serve –You are responsible for the protection of any guests who will be at your house this Halloween.  Offer only commercially-packaged treats to trick-or-treaters.  Likewise, be sure to serve non-alcoholic beverages to your older party guests and never serve alcohol to anyone who is under-age.  If you are setting the mood at your party by using dry ice in a punchbowl, be sure to keep the chips out since they can cause severe injury if ingested.
  • Test Smoke Alarms –While you are testing your home security system, don’t forget to test your smoke alarms well in advance of the Halloween celebrations to minimize the chance of having a claim for fire damage.

At Will Marshall Insurance, we are here to assist Barrie and Orillia residents with all of your home insurance needs and concerns. We wish you a happy and fun Halloween!

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