Home Insurance: Protect Your Barrie Residence

What can you do to protect your Barrie Residence? Implement these security tips throughout the inside of your home.

Use Deadbolts: Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors and any doors leading from attached garages, preventing any intruders from breaking through your door frames. Ensure the deadbolt is a quality one with a hardened steel bolt. You may also want to consider using double-keyed deadbolts as added security for your home; however, this is only a practical solution when you’re away from your home, as you don’t want to be in an emergency situation where you’re frantically searching for a key to open the door.

Lock Every Door and Window: While most would think this is common sense, the unfortunate reality is that a majority of break and entries occur through unlocked doors and windows. Regardless if you are stepping out for an hour or an afternoon, protect your residence by locking every point of access. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Secure Sliding Doors: For added security, it’s strongly recommended that you insert a security bar or strong piece of wood along the track area. This acts as back-up protection, should the locking mechanism fail.

Store Valuables Out of Site: All valuable belongings should be kept away from windows and doors. Valuable items in full view such as televisions and laptops are a tempting sight for criminals therefore, openly exposing them only encourages such an act. If you hire a contractor and they have hired staff, be mindful of where they are and the valuables you store there.

Alarm System: Investing in an alarm system for Barrie home, significantly protects your family and property. Statistics have revealed that alarm systems reduce the impact theft, fire, intrusion and even vandalism. The most effective type of security system is one that signals an outside service, should there be peculiar or unlawful activity on your property. Discounts range from 10 – 20%, burglar, fire and temperature related claims can also have their deductibles removed from the policy if the system is monitored.

Turn your water off while away: As a condition of every insurance policy, the main water valve should be turned off and the lowest tap drained. This must be done if you are away for three days consecutively, alternatively you can appoint a competent individual to visit your home every three days. Make sure they check your basement for water, better yet turn your water off and avoid a burst or frozen pipe!

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