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Home Insurance Policies and Your Summer Toys

Finally, the summer temperatures are here, and we are all gearing up for a great summer and the fun activities that come along with it!

Trampolines, swimming pools, and hot tubs are just a few enjoyable activities for both adults and kids to spend their summer weekends doing. Of course, with such excitement also come some significant risks to be aware of.  If you are a Barrie or Orillia homeowner,  it’s important that you confirm with your insurance provider first that you have the proper liability coverage, prior to anyone taking that first round of jumps on the trampoline or dive into your swimming pool!

Let’s take a look at some of the safety concerns you should consider for each:


Trampolines can be seen as “attractive nuisances” which basically translates to danger for those children who could trespass. If you have a guest or trespasser that uses your trampoline and sprains an ankle or experiences some sort of injury in the process, you may not be covered if a trampoline exclusion clause is in place.

Injuries related to trampolines send hundreds of Canadian children to the hospital each and every year.  The unfortunate part about this is that so many of these alarming injuries are entirely preventable with some simple safety guidelines and tips.

Here are some recommendations the Will Marshall Insurance team wants to share from the Canadian Safety Council:

  • Be sure that equipment is 100% safe. Trampolines aren’t regulated in Canada, so check to see if yours complies with ASTM standards
  • Look it over prior to each use to confirm that the shock absorbing pads are covering the springs, hooks and frame. It’s also wise to look it over to make sure that it’s entirely secure and free from any damage
  • Refrain from setting it up close to trees, structures, or other play areas
  • Arrange netting to surround the trampoline. This will stop kids from falling off, providing a safe barrier
  • Supervise young children at all times when they are using the trampoline


Owning a swimming pool will no doubt increase the replacement cost of your property; what you might not realize though, however, is that it will increase your risk as well. For these reasons alone, you’ll want to make it a priority to get the coverage you need to remain properly protected. At Will Marshall Insurance, we care about your pool safety and highly encourage you to take a few simple precautionary steps to safeguard those using your pool:

  • Be sure there is a gated fence surrounding the perimeter of your swimming pool
  • Keep your pool deck free from clutter and clean at all times
  • Do your best not to serve or consume alcohol in the pool
  • There should be a responsible supervising young children using the pool, at all times

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are another commodity that typically needs extra liability coverage. With any water related equipment or toy, the biggest threat is the risk of drowning. To help lower your risk of this concern, be sure you are in fact completely the following:

  • Cover your hot tub entirely when it’s not being used
  • Refrain from drinking and/or serving alcoholic beverages in the hot tub
  • Watch and closely supervise young children while they are in the hot tub

Once in a while, your swimming pool and/or hot tub can leak and as a result, do some damage to your surrounding property. While this is usually taken care of under your standard home insurance policy, it’s best to confirm this with your insurance provider before opening these for the season.


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