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You Focus on Your Home and We Will Focus on Your Insurance

Your home in Barrie or Orillia is one of the most valued things in your life; we completely understand this and that’s why we want to do everything possible to keep it protected.

In an effort to provide you with the highest level of service and security, we ask that you notify the team at Will Marshall Insurance whenever there are changes being made to your household.

This includes:

Buying or Selling Your Home: Your policy will need to cover the value of your new home, or the cost to rebuild it; not what it’s currently worth on the market.

Renting Your Home or Room to Somebody Else: If you are planning to rent any portion of your house out to someone other than the homeowner, be sure to check with your insurance broker to verify whether this will change your home insurance coverage or not.

Leaving Your Current Home: Regardless of whether you are going away for a week, a few months, or permanently, make sure your insurance broker is aware of this. Empty homes can be targeted for theft, so it’s in your best interest to ensure you are properly covered if you’re away for more than 72 hours.

Renovations to Your Home: Any renovations done to your Barrie or Orillia home increase its overall value. With that said, it’s important that your insurance broker is aware of what the real value to rebuild your home is. This may or may not change the premium you’re currently paying because this varies based on the type and age of your electrical, plumbing, and heating system in your home.

Children Go Off to School: Even though they are moving away from home, they can still be covered under your homeowner’s policy. Be sure to inform your insurance broker on where your child is living so that coverage can still be arranged.

Mortgage is Paid Off: You officially own your home without the help of your bank. What does this mean? There is no need for them to be listed as having an interest in your property should there be a claim made. Furthermore, you may qualify for an additional discount off of your insurance premium.

Will Marshall Insurance serves both the Barrie and Orillia region. Our professionals will assist you and your home insurance needs. Get in touch today.

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