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Fireplace Safety: Keep Your Orillia Home Protected

At Will Marshall Insurance, our main goal is to help keep our Orillia clients insurance rates as competitive as we can. Of course, the easiest way to achieve this and to keep your premium rates low is through reducing the number of claims made. While water damage has surpassed fire as the top insurance claim in Ontario, fireplace safety continues to be a growing concern. It’s extremely important that as a homeowner, you are aware of the potential threats and what you can do to protect your Orillia home.

Tips on Fireplace Safety

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors are imperative for stopping injury and fire, and of course, you should have a working fire extinguisher accessible at all times should you need it in an emergency.  To ensure your family members are extra safe, it’s highly recommended that you put together a fire escape plan and review it carefully with each member of your home. While it may seem silly initially, it may also be critical for the protection of your family should a fire erupt with no warning:

  • Be sure to open the damper prior to lighting your fireplace
  • Only burn small amounts of well-seasoned, dry wood
  • Make sure your screen is positioned properly to ensure embers are contained
  • Keep ashes stored outside of your home, and place these in a metal container only
  • Always keep newspapers and other combustibles far away from your fireplace
  • Never use starter fluids or other variations of starter fuels in your fireplace
  • Have your chimney cleaned and serviced professionally each year, in an effort to stop tar and creosote If you use your fireplace on a daily basis however, it should be cleaned even more often.
  • Check your fireplace regularly for potential hazards such as excessive soot, rusty ventilation pipes, and water pooling near burners

Home Insurance with Will Marshall Insurance

To keep your home insurance costs at a low rate, you can depend on an insurance broker at Will Marshall Insurance, who has access to leading providers in the industry. As always, we work hard to provide our Orillia clients with the best coverage at the most competitive rates.

If you’re looking for more information on home insurance and fireplace safety, you know who to contact. Feel free to get in touch with Will Marshall Insurance in Orillia, to request a quote or ask us any questions you might have in relation to your current policy.

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