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Change of Season Brings a Change in Driving Conditions

Winter may not be officially over, but at Will Marshall Insurance, we are definitely pleased with the mild temperatures as of late here in Barrie and Orillia. The days are getting a bit longer and the sunny afternoons, with the lovely sounds of birds chirping, sure makes it feel like spring is coming quicker than anticipated. In just a couple of weeks we change our clocks ahead to Daylight Savings which while exciting, can cause confusion while we adjust to the new time. What does this mean for commuters? Monday’s drive to work following Daylight Savings, can lead to stressful and rushed mornings which can make driving a bit more challenging. Spring brings many changes aside from just our clocks; here are a few safety tips we recommend you follow while on the road this spring:

Wet Roads are Slippery

When you’re accustomed to winter driving in Barrie and Orillia, icy winter roads become a regular occurrence we expect; however because of this it’s easy to overlook the risks that are associated with rainfall on the roads. Rainy conditions in spring make for extremely wet roads which can be quite slippery. Not only this, but rain combined with oil leaked onto roads can make the roads even more dangerous. As ice and snow melt away from our roads, puddles are often present, hiding the many potholes that lay beneath them. When not careful, driving over these potholes can cause considerable damage to your vehicle, especially when you fail to slow down. Keep this in mind next time you have a rainy morning drive to work!

Don’t Rush to Remove Your Snow Tires

It can be tempting to book a tire switch as soon as we start having temperatures above the 5 degree mark, but we all know that weather conditions can be very unpredictable in March and while we’ve had sunny and mild days, driving with the windows down we’ve also been dumped with a lot of white stuff and frigid temperatures. To be safe, we highly suggest that you don’t remove your winter tires until the middle of April.

Replace Your Wipers

Our wipers go through a lot throughout the winter, between the freezing temperatures and ice buildup, with time and continuous use they quickly lose their effectiveness and sometimes begin to fall apart all together. When you begin to notice streaky windshield that won’t clear away not matter what you do, it’s probably a good time to replace your wipers. Improve your visibility and safety on the roads, with new windshield wipers for the spring.

Look Out for an Increase in Wildlife

With spring coming, we’ll also see the return of many hibernating animals. Specifically around this area will be deer. Spring is also mating season so there will be an increase in general animal activity, especially while driving close to fields and wooded regions.

Keep Eyes Peeled for Children and Cyclists

Spring temperatures not only excite adults, more children will be drawn outside to play meaning roadways could be busier with children playing nearby.  Of course snow-free roads also encourage more cyclists to get outside and explore as well. Two good reasons to drive with caution while all are enjoying the nice weather.

Revisit Your Car Insurance

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