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Buying A Car Soon? Here’s What You Need to Know Before Hitting the Road in Ontario

Car shopping is always an exciting time; who doesn’t want a new car!? While shopping for vehicles can be fun, it’s important to keep in mind that you are responsible for taking certain steps to make your new ride street legal.

In Ontario, there are specific requirements for all personal vehicles, as well as for personal vehicles coming from different provinces or countries. Depending on whether the vehicle is new or used, and is sold through a dealer or private sale, you may have certain requirements to fulfill in order to legally drive your car on public roads. Commercial vehicles have a different set of requirements.

Requirements for all Vehicles

In Ontario, all vehicles are required to be insured before they can be registered. All vehicles must be registered in order to be driven legally on public roads. You also must have valid license plates with non-expired license plate stickers.

New Vehicles

If you are purchasing a new vehicle from a dealer, the dealer will likely handle most of the paperwork for you. You will still be required to provide proof of insurance so that the dealer can successfully transfer the title of the vehicle to your name (in the event of financing).

Used Vehicles

When it comes to used vehicles, there tend to be more steps involved depending on whether you are the buyer or seller. Both parties are required to draft a bill of sale that states the sale amount, the date of the sale, the buyer’s address, and the names and signatures of both the buyer and seller.

  • Seller – Used vehicle sellers must provide buyers with a valid and official used vehicle information package. These packages can be acquired from Service Ontario locations. Sellers may also be required to ensure that the car meets provincial safety standards through a licensed Ontario Motor Vehicle Inspection Station. Sellers must keep their own license plates. The seller must also provide the buyer with the current vehicle owners’ permit with the transfer portion completed.
  • Buyer – The buyer must ensure that the seller provides the required documentation as outlined above; including the used vehicle information package, bill of sale, current vehicle permit with completed transfer section, and any required safety certificates. You may be unable to register the vehicle without these documents. The buyer has 6 days from the date of sale to register the vehicle in their name.

Out-of-Province Vehicles

Registering out-of-province vehicles can vary in nature depending on the situation; whether the car is new or used, which province you are a resident of, how long you will be in the province for, and whether the vehicle is for personal or commercial use.

If you are purchasing a used car from a different province, or are moving from a different province, you must be sure to have a valid Ontario driver’s license or registrant identification number. You will also be required to purchase Ontario vehicle insurance before being able to register your vehicle in Ontario. You can find more information on registering out-of-province vehicles here.

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