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ATV Insurance – What You Need to Know

If you are the owner of an ATV or snowmobile, chances are you’re quite the adventure seeker! You also probably know how crucial it is to properly protect yourself. Remember too, that this same protection extends to your ATV.

Are you aware that if you drive an ATV on public roads, it is obligatory to carry insurance coverage with you? Regardless of whether you’re using your ATV for hunting, fishing, or exploring trails, Will Marshall Insurance in Orillia has the coverage that you need.

What We Offer:

Our insurance protection covers all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) that typically refer to self-propelled vehicles which are built with four or more wheels, and designed to be driven off-road on land, snow, and ice. A good example of an ATV would be a four-wheel vehicle driven near your home or cottage, or for recreation purposes like driving through forest trails. Having said that keep in mind that snowmobiles aren’t considered ATVs, and therefore they have their own insurance policies. ATVs can sometimes be defined differently by provincial laws, so if you have any concerns we recommend that you refer to the legislation here in Ontario, or in your province for information on whether your vehicle qualifies as an ATV, and what obligations you might have.

As with car insurance, ATV insurance is mandatory but subject to some specific exceptions. The mandatory insurance coverage includes liability coverage should you be legally liable for bodily injury or damage to property, caused by the use of your ATV. It may also include Accident Benefits coverage for medical expenses and loss of income, and additional coverage based on your particular location.

Additional voluntary coverage for your ATV is also available, with many options to choose from such as comprehensive, which provides protection against fire, theft and vandalism, and lastly collision, which covers damage to your vehicle that is the result of a collision with another object or by upset.

Who is Qualified for ATV Insurance?

  • Any Orillia and surrounding area resident that owns an all-terrain vehicle (ATV).
  • Anyone that has the necessary ATV provincial license.
  • If your off-road vehicle costs less than $20,000 including taxes and accessories.
  • If your ATV is plated and/or has been issued an off-road permit/license by the Ontario Government.
  • If you currently reside in Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec or an Atlantic province.

Of course, you may want coverage for other reasons such as theft or vandalism as well. To figure out what coverage is beneficial for you, get in touch with Will Marshall Insurance in Orillia, and speak to our knowledgeable brokers. We take the time to really understand your specific needs, ensuring you receive a policy that is designed especially for you. We’ll handle the comparison shopping to guarantee that you are getting the best value possible.

Contact Will Marshall Insurance today for additional information in regards to ATV insurance, and our other recreational insurance policies. Have fun this summer, but keep yourself protected while you do it! Call us in Orillia at 705-726-2551.

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