Are you Properly Insured for Christmas?

With Christmas quickly approaching, one of the last things on your mind may be your insurance for your home or vehicle. It’s an extremely busy time of the year and this very important matter can easily be forgotten. Depending on when you last looked at your policy, you may be up for renewal or you may not have enough coverage.

Protect your Guests and Yourself

As a homeowner it is your responsibility to protect anyone who may visit your house over Christmas time. That’s why it is extremely important to shovel walkways and driveways to reduce the chance of a slip and fall injury. The chances are greater for this type of injury in December because you will likely have a greater number of people visiting, and you may not have the same time available for maintaining your property. Most home insurance policies will cover you in the event of a slip and fall, but it’s wise to review your current insurance policy to be certain you are covered.

Fire Insurance

Fires are a common occurrence during this time of the year because of a number of factors: This is a time to have a fire in your fireplace, light candles, cook elaborate dishes, and turn your Christmas lights on. All of these can be contributing factors to a fire, that are not nearly as likely the rest of the year. We often hear the tragic story of a house fire during the Christmas holidays that leaves a family homeless, when they don’t have the right coverage. It’s important to speak with a broker like Will Marshall Insurance in Barrie, to verify your home is covered.

Theft Insurance

This is the season for joy, family and the exchange of costly gifts. Unfortunately thieves know this too. During the Christmas holidays, homes become easy targets because of the excessive loot under many Christmas trees. You can’t necessarily prevent theft from happening, but it’s wise to be sure you are covered by your insurance company, in the event you fall victim of this crime.

Car Insurance

You probably have a more hectic schedule than usual attending parties, shopping, or going to holiday events. Things you would normally take care of could easily be forgotten, and that includes your car insurance. Driving without insurance is illegal and ensuring your policy is up to date is essential in verifying you’re covered.

Will Marshall Insurance in Barrie would like to wish you a Safe and Merry Christmas. If you are uncertain about your insurance policy or are looking for coverage, please call us today!

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