5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make with Their Insurance

5 Common Mistakes Businesses Make with Their Insurance

In the chaos of running a successful business, one important player is often overlooked until a crisis hits – insurance. It’s the armour that every business needs, yet many organizations find themselves exposed due to common insurance missteps. Whether it’s underestimating coverage needs, neglecting industry-specific risks, or choosing price over value, not all business insurance policies are created equal. By understanding and avoiding these pitfalls, you can fortify your business against the unplanned, the unpredictable, and the unanticipated.

#1. Underestimating Coverage Needs

In business, foresight is as precious as hindsight. But when it comes to business insurance, not all executives possess the clairvoyance needed to predict every potential risk. A common pitfall is underestimating the extent of coverage needed to safeguard your business’s unique exposure.

The Impacts of Inadequate Insurance

Imagine a scenario where a catastrophe, such as a fire or a data breach, erupts, and your insurance coverage is insufficient to handle the financial fallout. The impact could be terminal for small businesses and significantly damaging for larger entities. This is why it’s crucial to conduct regular risk assessments, consider each aspect of your operations, and anticipate worst-case scenarios.

Tips for Assessing and Adjusting Coverage

  • Proactivity is Key: Regularly review and update your insurance policies, especially when you’re making significant changes to your business.
  • The Right Kind of Eyes: Bring in an insurance broker who specializes in business policies to catch risks you might miss.
  • Dig Into The Details: Educate yourself on the fine print. What does your policy actually cover? Are there exclusions that could come back to haunt you?

#2. Ignoring Industry-Specific Risks

Industries are not created equal when it comes to risk profiles. Each sector has its own set of hazards, and ignoring these can lead to disastrous oversights in your insurance strategy.

The Dangers of a Broad Brushstroke Approach

A cookie-cutter insurance policy applied across industries can be like using a band-aid for a broken arm. It might cover a part of it, but the rest is left vulnerable and unsupported. Specific sector threats can include everything from professional negligence in healthcare to machinery malfunctions in manufacturing.

Tailoring Insurance to Your Field

  • Know Your Industry: Educate yourself on the specific risks of your industry, whether that’s through industry publications, networks, or professional organizations.
  • Partner Up: Seek advice from insurance brokers who specialize in your sector. They can offer tailored solutions and often have access to niche policies that cater to specific risks.

#3. Failing to Review and Update Policies Regularly

Your business is not static, and neither are its risks. You may have started with the right insurance, but failing to revise and update your policies in tandem with your business’s development is a costly oversight.

The Need for Constant Vigilance

Businesses evolve over time, opening up new risks, new assets, and new liabilities. This means that the insurance policy you started with may no longer be adequate.

Staying on Top of Policy Adjustments

  • Scheduled Reviews: Establish a regular cadence for reviewing your insurance policies. An annual review can be a starting point.
  • Checklist for Change: Whenever there are changes within your business, from a new location to hiring more employees, have a checklist of insurance-related items to update.

#4. Overlooking Liability Coverage

No business is immune to liability. But all too often, businesses underestimate their exposure and, subsequently, the need for robust liability insurance.

The Weight of Liability

Liability claims can be financially ruinous, and it’s not just about covering the costs – it’s about protecting your brand’s reputation and integrity.

Mitigating Risk Through Coverage

  • The More, the Merrier: In addition to standard liability coverage, consider additional layers such as umbrella and excess liability policies.
  • Trust but Verify: Don’t take third-party coverage, such as supplier’s or contractors’ insurance, at face value. Ensure it will protect you adequately if they are at fault.

#5. Choosing Price Over Value

In the eternal battle between cost and benefits, insurance is often seen as a grudge purchase. But opting for the cheapest option without weighing up value can prove disastrous in the long run.

Understanding the True Cost of Cheap Insurance

Incremental short-term savings can lead to substantial long-term costs if your coverage is insufficient in a major claim scenario.

Finding the Balance

  • The Essential Equation: Instead of deciding purely based on cost, consider the value proposition of what you’re paying for compared to the protection it offers.
  • Don’t Go It Alone: Work with a reputable insurance broker who can guide you to the right balance of cost and coverage.


Business insurance isn’t just about meeting legal requirements or satisfying stakeholders. It’s a strategic investment in the long-term resilience and health of your business. By steering clear of these common pitfalls, you can ensure that your coverage is comprehensive, finely tailored and always reflective of your business’s current state. Prioritizing the right business insurance means you can operate with the confidence that, should the unforeseen occur, you’re guarded by a policy as robust as your business itself.

Get Protected with Will Marshall Insurance Brokers

Choosing Will Marshall Insurance Brokers means aligning with a partner dedicated to ensuring your business avoids the common pitfalls outlined above. Our approach is centred around understanding your unique business needs and risk profile to tailor coverage that’s not just comprehensive but also cost-effective. At WMIB, we believe in delivering value, not just insurance. We leverage our expertise and long-standing industry relationships to find you the best coverage at the most competitive prices. With us, you can trust that your insurance solutions are as robust and dynamic as your business, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best. Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step towards securing your business’s future.

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