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Buying the right commercial insurance is your first step in disaster planning.

Any and every business can become involved in a lawsuit. Whether you are at fault or not, going to court costs a great deal of time and money. When you purchase Commercial Business Insurance your business liability operations and property described in the policy are protected, as well as legal expenses & additional judgment protection.

Judgments do not “go away”, wages can be garnished, equipment can be liquidated, bank accounts frozen and other assets seized to pay a judgment. It is important for an incorporated business to carry sufficient liability coverage, as failure to do so may jeopardize the officers & directors of that corporation. Choosing to use an insurance broker offers the consumer a greater variety of choice and allows you to draw upon an educated and experienced team of seasoned professionals.

Let the expertise of Will Marshall Insurance Brokers Ltd. earn your business and protect you in times of need. We are your reliable resource for Commercial Insurance in Barrie and Orillia.

Our many insurance products provide insurance protection for many types of commercial businesses.


Why Do I Need Commercial Insurance?

Business insurance (also known as commercial insurance) helps you as an entrepreneur or owner cover unexpected costs that arise as a result of liability claims or damage to property. If you don’t have any commercial insurance, you run the risk of personally paying legal costs or repairing damages. Insurance can also help cover the cost of lost income, making it a valuable lifeline for both you and your employees. You’ll need commercial insurance if you run your own business, regardless of whether it’s full or part-time.

Every business, no matter which kind it is, has something on which it relies to operate. For some, it may be a physical storefront. For others, it may be an online database. Think about your business: if the physical storefront was destroyed or if you lost access to all of your digital data, how much would it cost to recover? With commercial insurance, it might not cost you much at all, even if everything was destroyed. Instead of years of saving to rebuild, you could be back up and running in only a few months.

No matter whether your business is interrupted, your property damaged, or your company the subject of a lawsuit, commercial insurance is designed to reduce your burden and make it easier to get back to life as usual. Ask for your free, no-obligation insurance quote today!

Commercial Property & Liability Insurance for:



Churches are an intrinsic part of many communities throughout Ontario. They’re unique institutions, and often, their insurance requirements take a specialized form. An average business insurance policy wouldn’t be suitable to cover damage done by crime or property damage. That’s why we’ve worked with insurance suppliers to create a package that addresses the challenges that churches may face throughout the years and to make sure that the policy provides thorough protection.

This package provides Broad Form Property Coverage with a broad expanse of extensions and Commercial General Liability. Coverage for liability arising from religious counseling is available, Directors & Officers liability available, Abuse Liability included for limits requested.

Building Valuations

Different insurance providers may request or require building valuations in order to proceed with policy coverage. We help keep things simple by arranging for detailed inspections of property and buildings, as well as replacement cost valuations for insurance purposes with recommendations, as a service added to the customer.

Contractual Review

Reviewing your contracts is important to make sure that your policy is still the best fit for you and your business. Our experience gives our customers insight into their obligations and the effectiveness of their insurance to suit individual needs.

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